Daily Archives: November 9, 2006

Okay…I’ll shut up now

…but let me explain why I’ve been acting this way.

Two years ago for the General Election I had to meet my boss at a meeting in Seattle to work on some petty issues. On the drive up I spent the entire time listening to Air America and hearing all the positive exit polls and really getting excited. When I arrived in Seattle the hotel was bustling with people who were having their rallies in the ballrooms that evening. The Democratic Party as well as numerous Democratic candidates had taken over all the meeting rooms and the parties were just getting started. The energy was high and the mood celebratory. Lively conversation was taking place in every corner of the lobby and people were beginning to gather at the bar televisions to watch the returns. It was going to be a good night but I had work to do first, so off I went.

Fortunately the work only took about three hours and when I left to head back to my room, the energy in the hotel was gone. The place was still full of people but it was quiet. What little conversation existed was taking place in quiet tones and yes, there were tears, lot and lots of tears. The lobby was packed with people trying desperately to get on the elevators and escape to their rooms. I took the stairs to the third level because the people in the ballrooms were getting on the elevators on that floor so there was no room left by the time they arrived in the lobby. While waiting for the elevator on that floor I had a front row seat to Democratic candidates giving their concession speeches. By the time I reached my room I was so depressed I couldn’t bare to turn on the TV and watch the final states go red. I’d felt like I was put through the ringer in the 45 minutes or so that I spent in the lobby and I had no shoulder to cry on. I reached for a bottle of scotch and poured a healthy nightcap.

This year I decided to have a gathering at my house so we could at least enjoy each other’s company if things went south. It’s true misery loves company and we were going to have plenty of company. Watching the early returns got our blood going but when Santorum went down we were in party mode. Even a loss would be tolerable at that point. Then we took the House, the Senate wasn’t looking too good for the Republicans, and with Governorships going to Dems. in places like Colorado the celebration was in full swing. By the time we watched our own state legislature turn overwhelmingly Democratic there was no turning back and no designated drivers left on the premises.

Yes, this was the party we should have had two years ago. It’s so sad that it has taken so many deaths and the loss of so many of our rights before people decided to take a stand and put the balance back into our government. This election will not turn everything around. It is not a cure for the disease we’ve been fighting of late. There is a lot of work to do both here at home and around the world but at least we’re moving in the right direction. We’ve come together to say “quit tearing us apart” and I finally feel some hope instead of that overwhelming feeling of loss and despair. That my friends is why I’ve been so high the past couple of days. I feel like I’ve released that primal scream and now the healing can begin.

(Of course seeing Dubya with his tail between his legs was an additional perk. I guess he’s overspent all that political capitol he was bragging about 2 years ago.)

Okay…I’ll shut up now.