A New Leaf

Actually it’s a dying leaf that now graces the top of my page.

It wasn’t intentional but macaca happens!

I needed a change.

I changed the header.

The header didn’t match the template.

I changed the template.

I changed the side bar to fit the template.

The header didn’t match the template.

I changed the header.

I hope you like it.

I do.


9 responses to “A New Leaf

  1. SSSssooooooo gorgeous!

  2. Well, that made me sit up!
    It looks great; nothing like a new frock to brighten up your day! Congrats!
    I thought of you as my feeble container plants are starting to put out some bell and hot peppers and a few eggplants. Well, it is something!
    Stay dry up there.

  3. Thanks E. You are after all my Blogspiration…and Mark’s too! Check out the new look over at ScuffProds.

  4. I like the new look Rodger. And the header too. I have a friend working on some headers for me and I have seen a few. I think they will work great on my blog. I just need to get my other bud to work my template…I have no clue on html and little time to experiment these days. But would love to freshen up the blog.

    PS. I saw your pics of you NYCity visit. You guys got around. I so enjoyed NYC when I was there for a week in April of this year and again the first week of September. I be back there agin, trust me.

    Hey by the way, there is another blogger on my blogroll that happens to be from Portland, CityWOOF. You can pull it up from my blog if your interested. He’s a real sweet guy. He happens to act on the side. Perhaps you’ve seen one of the productions he has been involved in even?!!?

  5. Loving the new layout rodger!

    I’d like a header, but it’s just one more thing to find someone to help me with (I wouldn’t know where to start), and then to fret over and make choices on!

    Looking great though there!

  6. WordPress has customizable headers so it was pretty easy. I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise and would have to find someone with good html skills.

  7. I love the new look. I’m always afraid to change mine too much…

  8. To be honest I find it hard to read white type on a black background. I like the header pic but preferred the old way. Not that I’m against progress…

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