Daily Archives: November 12, 2006


Well, Mr. Virus came a knockin’ yesterday and today my throat is on fire and my head is so congested I can barely breath. I just love when this happens! Fortunately they’re predicting a big windstorm for later this afternoon so I think I’ll just bundle up, take some dayquil, and watch football. I do have to admit that if I’m gonna be down for the day Sunday is perfect because I get to watch football all day and not feel guilty.

We spent part of yesterday battening down the hatches for this storm and we’ll have to get the dogs out for a good run about midday so they’ll be tired out this evening. It’s tough keeping them confined to the house but with the big winds they’re talking about I don’t want any of them getting brained by a tree branch or a tree for that matter. In fact that’s my biggest concern, the trees, because with all the rain we’ve had lately the ground is saturated. I expect to lose power, that’s a given, but I certainly don’t want a tree on the house, so hopefully the storm will move a little farther south and spare us the heaviest winds.

So, today is nesting day for me and hopefully this bug won’t last much longer. Now…which game do I want to watch first?