Phun Photo Phriday


Captured at 115th and Allisonville Road in Fishers (Indianapolis). The sign is real and was up for about two hours before someone stopped and told them how to spell peonies.

(Not my photo but I couldn’t resist. The person who sent it did not know the source but if you do…I’ll happily credit them. Or take it down.)

3 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. OOCH! That so hurts!

    Now do you care for my first thougth when I so the picture…”But I like them uncut and “dirty.”

  2. LMAO!!! That will go round the world in no time I’m sure!

  3. no doubt some subconscious thought on an vengeful gardener in the throughs of an Oedipal complex

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