Daily Archives: November 18, 2006


Yes I already titled a post “Soup” but this time I did it in another language so get over it. After all…its my blog and I can post what I want to.

After my soup post last week a few blog buddies offered to send some soup recipes my way. On Thursday the lovely Lelo of Lelo in NoPo sent me her mom’s recipe for Sopas de Albondigas. Not being a big soup person unless I’m sick I don’t have many good recipes so this was a welcome offer.

This afternoon I gathered my strength and swept into the kitchen to tackle this tempting recipe. After sweating the onions and garlic then adding the carrots, celery and homemade broth, we had the beginnings of a soup.


Then came the turkey meatballs.


Finally, the garbanzos and stewed tomatoes (from our garden this summer), and the magic happened.


I quickly filled a bowl…(sorry Scott, I didn’t wipe the rim before I took the pic)


And I should be well by tomorrow! I’m telling you I could feel myself getting better with every bite. This was so easy and so very scrumptious I can hardly wait til breakfast. Thanks Lelo…and thanks to your mom too!