Daily Archives: November 20, 2006

Heavying Up

Okay…not a real word but one I actually heard a local weather forecaster use on TV one morning. I still get a chuckle out of the word and actually pull it out every once in a while just to fuck with people. Its fun to see who’ll call me on it.

I pull it out today because I’ve just been informed that my work load will be “heavying” up. I’m not really upset that it will be “heavying” up in fact I’m overjoyed.

After seven long, annoying years, the boss is finally getting rid of a certain dead weight. I will have to take on this person’s duties but they are duties normally associated with my position which they hired someone else to handle prior to my coming on board. What’s even better is that I will be generously compensated for resuming those responsibilites. Yes, I’m truly overjoyed!

The down side is I will be much busier, but since that will make the days move a little quicker, its not really a down side. So I guess the real down side is that I have to wait until a certain project is complete which won’t happen until spring. Oh well…it gives me something to look forward to and actually feels like an early Christmas gift. You can rest assured my mood will not be “heavying” up soon.