Daily Archives: November 21, 2006


Spoiler alert: Whiney Rant Ahead!

I just don’t get it. I’m planning the Christmas Party at work and I keep having to correct myself because, “We don’t have a Christmas Party we have a “Holiday” Party.” Now I don’t believe I’m insensitive but there are Christmas trees all around campus, Christmas trees, not “Holiday” trees. There is Christmas music being played in the cafes, not “Holiday” music, but old fashioned, blessed be His birth, Christmas music. And I have to take a ration of shit because I’m insensitive? Jeez!

Now, I’m no card carrying Christian so Christmas is just another day off work in my book but for Christ’s sake! If you want to celebrate “Holiday” then celebrate “Holiday”! Play all kinds of “Holiday” music (not just Christian), put up “Holiday” trees and I’ll throw a “Holiday” party.  Okay?  Can we just have some consistency please?

There…how’s that for fucking insensitive!?