Spoiler alert: Whiney Rant Ahead!

I just don’t get it. I’m planning the Christmas Party at work and I keep having to correct myself because, “We don’t have a Christmas Party we have a “Holiday” Party.” Now I don’t believe I’m insensitive but there are Christmas trees all around campus, Christmas trees, not “Holiday” trees. There is Christmas music being played in the cafes, not “Holiday” music, but old fashioned, blessed be His birth, Christmas music. And I have to take a ration of shit because I’m insensitive? Jeez!

Now, I’m no card carrying Christian so Christmas is just another day off work in my book but for Christ’s sake! If you want to celebrate “Holiday” then celebrate “Holiday”! Play all kinds of “Holiday” music (not just Christian), put up “Holiday” trees and I’ll throw a “Holiday” party.  Okay?  Can we just have some consistency please?

There…how’s that for fucking insensitive!?

8 responses to “Insensitive?

  1. everyone seems very touchy these days about whether to call it christmas vs. holidays. It all seems to further spoil the spirit of the season.

  2. I guess the thing is, we can’t just assume everyone is into the same religious belief as us. While it may be tradition, tradition doesn’t make it right, you know? If I was forever having to internally translate the message (they’re saying Merry Christmas but for me it’s Hannakuh or Kwaanza or WTF I don’t believe in anything) that isn’t really about the whole group. I guess in a male dominated white controlled world, many of us have to translate many things. I’m just sad this “war on Christmas” has been taken up by the religious right to be an attack on the good people of this country. I know you’re not saying that, but you get what I mean. I’ll stop my rambling now….

  3. I for one have always thought people get in a wad too much about somethings and the debacle of Christmas v. Holidays is one. don’t get me wrong…I respect other religions’ holidays…I guess, call me naive, I have always thought of Christmas as a universal thing.

  4. We weren’t allowed to fly England flags here during the world cup in case in offended immigrants believe it or not.

    The way I see it is, we would be damned if we asked Muslims to change the name of their religious festivals. We are both predominantly Christian countries and if othe rfaiths want to co-exist with us, that’s great! But why should we change our festivals for fear of offending them?

    Are they going to digitally remaster Bing Crosby so he sings “White Holidays” in future?

  5. Dude, I hear ya. Just call it the Holiday Party in your official communications about it, and Christmas Party whenever else you get a chance. Its how I handle it here at my job! I’m still trying to pull something together for my people…

  6. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to calling it a Holiday Party in fact I’d have it no other way. We are a hugely diverse group of people and I celebrate that diversity. I just don’t like the fact that I’m being called insensitive for saying the word Christmas while talking about the party when we’re surrounded by the traditional Christmas trappings. The word is going to slip out…I try not to let that happen but it does.
    The person who said this to me is Jewish and tells me about her Hannukah Dinners and celebrations every year. She doesn’t use the term “Holiday” and shouldn’t have to but she’s quick to call me insensitive when I say the word Christmas. I say she’s oversensitive!

    At the end of 1999 a group of us were discussing the fact that the millennium didn’t actually change until 2001. This same person told us the discussion was moot because we used the wrong calendar.

    I was on a rant because this person loves to push peoples buttons and writing it was a good way to let off some steam. I wasn’t making a comment on the larger issue of diversity and culture so I apologize if that is the way it came off.

  7. Nice! I think I know someone like the Hannukah person of which you speak. No wonder I’m starting to dislike Christmas.

  8. Festivus for the rest of us!

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