A Hint of Winter

Alas, the forecasters were right (for a change) and we woke to a nice dusting of snow. The drive to work was beautiful with snow accenting the trees and meadows yet the roads ice-free. The snow showers continued off and on throughout the day and although it didn’t stick at that altitude it was nice watching it fall.

The snow was sticking up at the house however and I arrived home to a couple of inches blanketing the yard and dusting the trees. I tried to get a decent shot of this Japanese Snowbell tree but the combination of an old camera and a streetlamp above the tree kind of killed the effect.


It’s nice to have snow before Christmas because it really sets the mood. We usually see our snow in January or February if at all so this was a welcome event regardless of how small.

I’m sure this is worth a good laugh to all my midwestern friends but growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area we didn’t see snow very often. In fact, I saw it snow on the peninsula only three times in 34 years. If we wanted snow we had to drive to the top of the Coast Range, where it snowed a few times a year, or up to Tahoe or Yosemite.

So go ahead and laugh my friends but remember…I get to enjoy the snow without bad memories from my childhood of shoveling the driveway.


4 responses to “A Hint of Winter

  1. Beautiful!!!! I watched flurries all afternoon downtown, but nothing was sticking. I think the photo is gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful photo! Believe it or not, we usually get snow every winter here in Las Vegas. Most people never realize. It doesn’t last long, but is an interesting sight.

  3. That is one element of winter I miss…snow. I don’t want to be buried in it but I do want it to visit me once in a while.

    3 times in the Bay Area in 34 years…you must have been born and raised int SF Bay Area. We should talk…email me. I’d love to know and find out where you went to school etc. happy holidays

  4. i have a picture from ages ago when i tried night photog of the snow. i will dig it up and see if i have the capability to scan as a pic. it is one of those old fashioned kinda pics on kodak paper.

    and i agree with tony, i miss the snow too. we didn’t have huge amounts on the mountain when i was growing up but usually at least two good ones that covered everything in white.

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