Snow Ball

I love throwing snowballs for the dog. As I gather the snow into my hands he begins to get excited, with little jumps and intently staring eyes. Once the snow is packed nice and tight I wind up to deliver the ball into the far corner of the yard. As I pull my arm back he starts to run, carefully watching over his shoulder as he goes. I throw the ball and his eye never leaves it even as his gait picks up. Finally the ball lands a few feet in front of him and he pounces. Of course the ball is now just snow but Mac doesn’t know that and starts the serious chore of rooting around to find any piece that may still exist. Now I don’t know if it’s his retriever nose or that he just loves fucking with my head but he always finds something and returns it to me. He literally sticks his nose into the snow, pulls out a mouthful and runs back to drop it in front of me. Is he playing me like I play him or do I give him too much credit? Could he possibly smell my scent on some bit of snow and think that he’s actually found the ball? I’ll never know.

4 responses to “Snow Ball

  1. i would love a dog like that; i am envious.

  2. Rodger…you might be surprised at exactly what scent you do leave behind! So maybe that dog of yours is just plain smart!

  3. Sounds likje you are having a wonderful time in the snow. We’re on the warm side of the storm that gave it to you. It’s been in the 60’s the last couple of days. Yesterdaym morning, I actually saw a guy running bare chested along the lake as I was getting to work.

    All of that is supposed to change rapidly in the next 24 hours. We should be having snow ourselves by this time tomorrow.

  4. It may be a mystery but its damn cute. I hope my little guy takes on the same attitude with snow. Pretty sure he will.

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