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Tryptophan Coma

Dinner was spectacular, the company even better, and once the tryptophan started to take affect it was time for dessert. The desserts were many and the sugar brought us around to enjoy the conversation and spirits but then the crash began. I drug myself away and walked home where I succumbed to a tryptophan coma.

I’m awake now and basking in the afterglow of our celebration of friendship and thanksgiving.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My Heart Is Full Of Love

The pie is in the oven and the bread dough on the rise. Tomorrow we feast with all the other orphans in our little hamlet. We’ll all gather at the Big House, with love in our hearts. Wine will flow, laughter will fill the air, and food will be shared. It is one of the most joyous times of the year and will be repeated on numerous occasions in the coming year as it has in those past.

I am so fortunate. My heart is full of love.


Spoiler alert: Whiney Rant Ahead!

I just don’t get it. I’m planning the Christmas Party at work and I keep having to correct myself because, “We don’t have a Christmas Party we have a “Holiday” Party.” Now I don’t believe I’m insensitive but there are Christmas trees all around campus, Christmas trees, not “Holiday” trees. There is Christmas music being played in the cafes, not “Holiday” music, but old fashioned, blessed be His birth, Christmas music. And I have to take a ration of shit because I’m insensitive? Jeez!

Now, I’m no card carrying Christian so Christmas is just another day off work in my book but for Christ’s sake! If you want to celebrate “Holiday” then celebrate “Holiday”! Play all kinds of “Holiday” music (not just Christian), put up “Holiday” trees and I’ll throw a “Holiday” party.  Okay?  Can we just have some consistency please?

There…how’s that for fucking insensitive!?

Heavying Up

Okay…not a real word but one I actually heard a local weather forecaster use on TV one morning. I still get a chuckle out of the word and actually pull it out every once in a while just to fuck with people. Its fun to see who’ll call me on it.

I pull it out today because I’ve just been informed that my work load will be “heavying” up. I’m not really upset that it will be “heavying” up in fact I’m overjoyed.

After seven long, annoying years, the boss is finally getting rid of a certain dead weight. I will have to take on this person’s duties but they are duties normally associated with my position which they hired someone else to handle prior to my coming on board. What’s even better is that I will be generously compensated for resuming those responsibilites. Yes, I’m truly overjoyed!

The down side is I will be much busier, but since that will make the days move a little quicker, its not really a down side. So I guess the real down side is that I have to wait until a certain project is complete which won’t happen until spring. Oh well…it gives me something to look forward to and actually feels like an early Christmas gift. You can rest assured my mood will not be “heavying” up soon.

Blog Food

Today I was thrilled to receive two more soup recipes from my blog buddy over at thanksforlooking. One is an Italian Wedding Soup and the other a Cabbage Soup with chili powder which really has me intrigued. Of course, having made a large pot of Lelo’s Sopas de Albondigas yesterday, I’ll have to wait a few days before tackling these two.

Lately, Mark and the neighbors have all been making a no-knead bread that is amazing and made me long for my homemade ciabatta.  So yesterday morning I started a biga which has to ferment for 24 hours prior to mixing the actual dough. That meant this morning I was in the kitchen shortly after crawling out of bed and five hours later I had two wonderful loaves of bread, one with kalamata olives. Mmmmm.

Since I was in cooking mode, I decided it was the perfect time to tackle the Spicy Pepper Cookies that Scott posted over at Purple Twinkie.  Scott is posting a cookie a week during the holiday season and these just sounded too interesting not to try. They didn’t turn out quite like the picture he posted but they are unbelievably light and oh so tasty! Now we have this basket of cookies on the counter and we can’t walk past it without eating one.  I don’t think they’ll make it to work tomorrow.


So the weekend turned out to be all about food from fellow bloggers and it’s all good.  Thanks ya’ll!


Yes I already titled a post “Soup” but this time I did it in another language so get over it. After all…its my blog and I can post what I want to.

After my soup post last week a few blog buddies offered to send some soup recipes my way. On Thursday the lovely Lelo of Lelo in NoPo sent me her mom’s recipe for Sopas de Albondigas. Not being a big soup person unless I’m sick I don’t have many good recipes so this was a welcome offer.

This afternoon I gathered my strength and swept into the kitchen to tackle this tempting recipe. After sweating the onions and garlic then adding the carrots, celery and homemade broth, we had the beginnings of a soup.


Then came the turkey meatballs.


Finally, the garbanzos and stewed tomatoes (from our garden this summer), and the magic happened.


I quickly filled a bowl…(sorry Scott, I didn’t wipe the rim before I took the pic)


And I should be well by tomorrow! I’m telling you I could feel myself getting better with every bite. This was so easy and so very scrumptious I can hardly wait til breakfast. Thanks Lelo…and thanks to your mom too!

Phun Photo Phriday


Captured at 115th and Allisonville Road in Fishers (Indianapolis). The sign is real and was up for about two hours before someone stopped and told them how to spell peonies.

(Not my photo but I couldn’t resist. The person who sent it did not know the source but if you do…I’ll happily credit them. Or take it down.)