Daily Archives: December 5, 2006

New Digs

One of the ‘readers’ of NaBloPoMo liked my site but wasn’t very fond of my design because the past posts reduce to a smaller font making them hard to read. I’ve also heard from a couple friends that they have trouble reading white text on a black background. On my MAC the background is actually a very dark brown which plays well off the brown titles heading the posts.

Tonight I was on the PC in our office and decided to jump over to my blog and was stunned to see the background is BLACK. Not only was it black…it was FUGLY! Those Burnt Sienna titles look awful on the black background and the text appears stark white. So it’s time to find some new digs for this here blog. I hate the thought of changing it all again but better to do it now while my aging brain remembers where and how to use code in the WordPress templates.

Any tips or suggestions?