Please Stand By


Due to Thursday’s windstorm I am still without power.  I will resume posting as soon as power is restored and my fingers have thawed.  I’m told I’ll be back online Monday but I’m hoping that is the worst case scenario.

5 responses to “Please Stand By

  1. Dang…there sure is a lot of wind up there in Portland. I thought it was always overcast and raining. Wind…go figure! Get a fire going and stoke it for a while. That ought to loosen up the fingers.

  2. i was wondering if the storms had gotten you. i have all my fingers crossed that you’ll have power back as soon as possible (if not already).

  3. Wow! You are still without power? I wonder if the little old lady has power at my house?

  4. i was wandering how you two were doing up there.
    I hope you are keeping warm at least!

  5. Hope you’ve kept good and warm!

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