In Response to Your Comments


It’s easier to respond to comments from many days past in a post so here goes:

Our power came up late Saturday but then a transformer blew in Beaverton and the power was out again for a couple more hours. How a transformer in Beaverton affects us is anyone’s guess. A power station once went down in Hillsborough and we lost power then too. Go figure.

When the power goes out here we’re well prepared. We have a gas water heater so we can still take warm showers. The cooktop is also gas so we can heat up some chili or soup or better yet, make hot chocolate, mmm. We have a woodstove that keeps the house nice and toasty warm and a lantern for playing games or reading. Scrabble is a favorite time killer when the power is out and less strain on the eyes than reading.

Except when the storm is tropical such as this one, the food in the fridge can usually be stored in the garage or outside in an ice chest. When it’s warm, we must venture out for ice after the first day.

We usually only lose power for a couple hours and only during heavy snow or ice storms or the rare windstorm.

Regardless of what the picture above shows, I don’t live out in the sticks but actually within the city limits. I do live in the hills above town but not in the expensive hills just above town with the lovely views of the city and the river. No…I live another ridge back above the beautiful Forest Park, 5000+ acres of protected forest full deer, elk, racoons, skunks, opossums, lynx, birds, bugs and the occasional bear. I even have a neighbor that swears he saw a kangaroo once but that’s another story. I love the view from here…nothing but trees!

Yes, the weather has been rough the past couple weeks, in fact the weather forecaster last night was talking about which day would be “the bad day this week”. It now look like Wednesday as we should get some freezing rain when the next storm arrives. We haven’t been above freezing since the windstorm blew through. We don’t usually have weather this extreme but we get freezing rain every couple years and a little snow every year at our altitude. We sit at just over 1000 feet.

I’m glad I don’t live in Seattle!

When the trees come down on the roads or in our yards we do cut them for firewood but if they fall in the Environmental Overlay, or the park itself, we leave them to decay for that is the law. Yep, let the trees provide shelter, food and nutrients for the critters and the flora. We like it that way.

I should be more careful about moving large tree stumps and branches. They’re awfully heavy when they’re wet. Duh!

I prefer my muscle relaxants recreationally. I don’t usually like muscle relaxants but I try to forget that I’m getting older and my body doesn’t recover as easily as it used to. They become necessary if I want to continue to be a functioning member of society…or bring home a paycheck.


7 responses to “In Response to Your Comments

  1. Yep…’round the curve.

  2. Oh my gosh Rodger! Kinda reminds me of somme of the severe storms that would occasionally hit the Bay Area and cause scenes like your photo in places like Skyline above San Mateo and along it toward San Jose.

    Take care of yourself! Don’t overwork the body too much or you’ll be paying for it for several weeks. I know…I’ve done it several times over. Hugs!

  3. glad to hear you are weathering the storms and more importantly their aftermath.

  4. Wow- impressive photo. I’m wondering how our friends (and our adjoining property) up on the Olympic Peninsula fared. I’ll echo the senitments about not overdoing it during the cleanup. On the other hand, I know how easiy it is to say that and how difficult to actually do it.

  5. I was thinking of you two; glad to see you are back up on line to tell all and again such excellent photos.

  6. Tina, whose kittens had styled closed, meaningfully opened them and stared up at John. Offer your active big items to me, that’s it, shyness them and brightness me those violent pink nipples.

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