Judy, Take a Pill!


I just returned from the doctor who prescribed:

a) Flexeril – for the spasms that keep shooting across my lower back and up my spine making it impossible to sit or stand comfortably.

b) Ibuprofen – for the inflammation, 600 mg. (this makes me groggy)

c) Percocet – In case the ibuprofen doesn’t knock me out and I still feel something…anything…at all.

Please take notes so I’ll know what Christmas was like when I return from this drug induced stupor.


4 responses to “Judy, Take a Pill!

  1. Many patient tell me that mixing Percocet and Flexaril with Jack Daniels make for some jolly good Christmases, only they can’t remember them.

  2. Man!!!! Rodger…what in the world did you do? You should know your body mechanics by now. We aren’t getting younger. I can’t do some of the stuff I did physically a few years ago and sometimes have to let the younger brothers and or brother-in-laws stip in on some stuff. Got keep myself physically lasting here.

    Take care of yourself please! Rest when you can. Hugs

  3. I remember several yearrs ago having tto make a middle of the night run to the emergency room when my partner was having back spasms. They put him on something very much like you are on. I remenber him seeming a bit zombie like for the next several days (or perhaps I should say several daze). Feel better soon!



  4. ooh! I forgot to add; wash it all down with some grapefruit juice for a really amazing long lasting effect your loved ones will be reminding you for years!
    Your wicked doctor chum

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