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Last Evening

It was a delightful evening chatting over pints with me rockin’ mate Toni.

Now say that with a nice Irish Brogue and you’ll get an idea of the mood last night. Toni and I were finally able to find time in our schedules to hook up for drinks and it’s been far too long! We’ve been trying to get together since her return from Burning Man in early September and when we finally do I get absolutely no stories about The Burn. Nope. None!

Okay, it’s been so long, we didn’t have time to talk about a lot of things including my trip to NYC on which she commented that she couldn’t believe I was seeing so many shows. Well hello girl! I’m a faggot…with a musical theatre degree…What. Did. You. Expect? But I digress.

We hooked up at this quaint little restaurant in SW Portland, Leaky Roof. It is owned by an Irishman and since Toni hails from Dublin I thought it only right she meet some of her peeps here in town. (Well…truth be told I had eaten there just two days earlier and after chatting with the owner’s brother who waits tables there decided this was where we should meet for drinks.) It turned out to be the perfect spot and she and the waiter, Connor, and his brother Seamus (the owner) had great conversations about the homeland while I sat quietly sipping my Guinness interjecting the occasional mention of my Irish ancestry. I jest!

It was a great evening with good beer, better food and even better company. I realized it’s been too long since we last hooked up and we really need to get together soon, very soon, like just after the holidays so I can get the scoop on Burning Man. I hear there’s a video!

Let’s not wait so long this time…okay girl?

New Digs

One of the ‘readers’ of NaBloPoMo liked my site but wasn’t very fond of my design because the past posts reduce to a smaller font making them hard to read. I’ve also heard from a couple friends that they have trouble reading white text on a black background. On my MAC the background is actually a very dark brown which plays well off the brown titles heading the posts.

Tonight I was on the PC in our office and decided to jump over to my blog and was stunned to see the background is BLACK. Not only was it black…it was FUGLY! Those Burnt Sienna titles look awful on the black background and the text appears stark white. So it’s time to find some new digs for this here blog. I hate the thought of changing it all again but better to do it now while my aging brain remembers where and how to use code in the WordPress templates.

Any tips or suggestions?

Tree’s Up!

I spent the weekend running around getting food ordered and supplies purchased for the Holiday Party at work this coming Friday. I guess I’ve been doing this long enough that it comes together rather easily. I was able to get most everything done by mid-afternoon Saturday which left time to go get the Christmas tree.

The tree requires a bit of rearranging in the family room but we were able to get that done quickly and then we zipped down the hill for the tree. Surprisingly we liked the very first tree we looked at and had it home and in the house in less than an hour. I felt so good about it that I started putting the lights on that evening. I would have finished but the tree is so tall and full it needed more lights than we had available. We made a run to the store but they didn’t have what we were looking for and by then it was 9:00 so we gave up.

Sunday was even more surprising because not only did we purchase the lights but we were able to completely decorate the tree. Around here the tree trimming usually takes about a week. For some reason we spend a lot of time placing and moving the ornaments…but not this year. I guess we’re just filled with the spirit…or is that filled with spirits? Yes, some alcohol was involved but not enough to regret the next morning.

It feels nice to have the tree up and the boxes put away. I feel kind of lost, like I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next few weeks. A feeling I’m sure won’t last beyond NOW since typing it has made me feel guilty sitting here blogging.  I’d better go…

Phun Photo Phriday

I love Emily’s cookies!


Oh…and Happy Birthday too!!