…Feel Me…Touch Me…Heal Me…

Today’s trip to the doctor was surprising and there may be light at the end of the tunnel. You see…my symptoms mirrored my doctor’s own symptoms of the last two weeks (no, it’s not crabs) which were tended to by his partner (in business…not life), an Osteopath. He canceled all charges for today’s visit and scheduled me for osteopathic manipulation tomorrow morning. If all goes well I’ll be back to normal(?) in no time. I only hope this Osteopath is hot since he’ll have his hands all over my nekkid body!

As much as I look forward to being able to put my pants on or bend over without pain (shut up!)…I have to admit I’ll miss some of the downtime. You see…I’ve been able to put about a third of my music collection on the new iPod while laying around in my drug-induced stupor. It’s been quite the learning experience too. What have I learned? Check back tomorrow…the list is still growing.


5 responses to “…Feel Me…Touch Me…Heal Me…

  1. What have I learned?……I hope not to bust your butt thinking your some svelt Hercules chopping down trees. LMAO. Great post. I’d love for you to “bend” over to show me your flexibility! Gotch’ya. HEHEHE!

  2. drug induced stupor; nekkid massages; pod people.
    it all sounds intoxicating and out of the Rubiyat.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Oh dear oh my. I’m sorry this is so painful. Take care of yourself.

  4. Glad you’re doing something productive! It takes time but once the whole music collection is ripped it a wonderfully liberating way to have it at your fingertips. I can’t imagine NOT taking all my music with me anymore. Good way to distract yourself while recuperating. Good luck at the osteopath.

  5. Thanks, Rodger, the reference to hands all over your nekkid body means that I’ll have to stay behind my desk for the next few minutes. Hope that his um…ministrations help.

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