Daily Archives: January 3, 2007

What I Learned…

…on my “throw-the-back-out-load-the-new-iPod-because-you-can’t-do-anything-else” vacation:

* Since selling all my vinyl with the intention of replacing it on CD…I’ve replaced approximately 10%. I really need to correct this issue.

* I’m embarassed to say that I own a George Michael album. I believe it belongs to Mark but that may be wishful thinking. Of course I shouldn’t dis Mark right now since he did make Kory’s Full-Flavor chili this past weekend while I was laid up.

Kory’s Full-Flavor Chili is fanfuckingtastic!! Mark added some peppers….some other peppers and…more peppers. Yep, we like it hot and spicy! But I digress. Did I say… Kory’s Full-Flavor Chili is fanfuckingtastic?!!

Back to what I’ve learned…

* What I have replaced is usually replaced by a debut album and then a greatist hits or “b” sides album. That sucks because now I miss a lot of the treasures you only find by buying the actual album. This too must be corrected.

* Box sets are a partial remedy to this but still not the answer.

* I really miss my Miles Davis collection!! I’ve only replaced about 5 of 30 and now must go on a spending spree.

* Some of the music I listened to years ago really sucks but I want to re-buy it anyway. Why is that?

* I have a shitload of experimental or ‘new’ music. Ever heard of Charlemagne Palestine? How about Meredith Monk?

* I really miss the SF Symphony’s “New & Unusual Music Series”.

* Am I really gay? I don’t own a single Madonna album…or a Cher album.

* I do own a fair amount of Streisand…but everything started sounding the same about 15 years ago. What a waste not to have ventured into jazz with a voice like that. The closest she came was Funny Lady’s “My Man”.

* Oh, nevermind. My Musical Theatre collection redeems me!

* After uploading six Pet Shop Boy’s albums…all of which belong to Mark…I had to pull out the big guns and copy the Janice Joplin box set and some Dead Kennedys. I’m just so NOT 80’s pop! Butthole Surfers anyone?

* Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark, Depeche Mode and Klaus Nomi…okay…I’m SO 80’s pop. Berlin ayone?

* I love me some opera…but not on the iPod…that’s strictly for home listening!

* I still use the term “album”.

I have a lot of music left to rip so I’m sure to learn much more. I may also have to exchange this iPod for the 80 GB version since this one is about full. With all the music I now need to purchase it’s too bad the 120 GB version isn’t out yet.

Oh well…there goes the budget!