Daily Archives: January 17, 2007

Another Frosty Day

Today the ice on the road kept me from attempting to go to work. I don’t mind driving in the snow but ice is a different story and when you live on a hill it doesn’t take much to get into a lot of trouble. I don’t mind driving into a ditch…okay…I do mind driving into a ditch but I’d prefer it to sliding off the road and down the tree covered hillside. Tomorrow should be pretty icy too but it is warming a bit this afternoon so I shouldn’t have any trouble getting to work albeit a bit late.

The bad part about today was my internet connection stopped working mid-morning and just returned this evening. So after watching the second disc of Weeds I had to resort to the work I brought home in anticipation of this cold snap. I felt so isolated without my internet…strange. I thnk it’s because I don’t take the paper so I get all my news online. The local news stations were constantly repeating themselves with weather coverage so all national news is out the window as far as their concerned. Funny thing that we get snow every year and yet the local news acts as though it’s a never happened before and they have reporters on every corner in town. Go figure.

I’m sure work tomorrow will be extremely busy considering so few people made it to the Center these past couple days. With the grant writing/coordination picking up I’ll be lucky to find any free time for the rest of the week and will probably end up working some this weekend. I guess I can’t complain too much, I did have an extended holiday weekend and some beautiful snow. I have a few more pics I took during our hike in the park yesterday but I haven’t taken them off the camera yet so I’ll try to get them posted soon.