Yeah…I’m still here, I’ve just been busy, and it’s going to continue like this until mid-March.  I was lucky this weekend….I got to work on Saturday!  Today was even better because I got to spend 7 hours formatting citations from numerous sources.  No two people use the same format so it’s a tedious job making sure all the commas, periods, page numbers, dates and journal titles are identical and correct.  I wish the big guy would use ‘EndNote’ or something but no…he wants to cut and paste or type the citations into the grant himself before turning it over to me to edit, proofread and verify.  Fortunately he pays me very well.

Tomorrow the fun continues with a faculty meeting which is the single most annoying part of my job.  I’m fortunate to be allowed this annoyance every month and to relive it while typing the minutes.  Whining bastards…I’d rather format citations!

4 responses to “Tedium

  1. i suggest you do random acts of nonsense and a few things on impulse.

  2. Hmmm! Can you come over my way and type some Specification sheets for me! I’ll pay you REAL WELL!!! Remember pay is not alway in dollars and cents. LMAO!

  3. rodger. i think we have the same job!

  4. I’m writing a paper right now. I sympathize completely about the citations stuff. Bleah!

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