State of the Union or Project Runway?

I’m watching MSNBC dissect the State of the Union Address and reading the scroll I see…

“Nancy Pelosi’s dress looks like it cost more than most Americans pay for their first home” followed by “Vice President Cheney was looking very dapper in his Navy Blue suit and purplish tie”.

No fucking wonder “W” was re-elected…after all…it’s just another reality show to these clueless fucks.

In keeping with this theme, instead of commenting on the actual speech itself, I have to give props to Ms. Pelosi for allowing us the joy of watching her bite her tongue to avoid getting up and slapping the bastard upside the head!

3 responses to “State of the Union or Project Runway?

  1. Rodger, I’ll take Project Runway over the State of the Union any day. LMAO! But I am serious!

  2. Nancy’s suit was beautiful: I admired it, and her tasteful yet modern make up. Now, for the blue-haired woman on the floor in the red, white and blue get-up, that’s another story…

    Oh wait. I fell into the same trap of comments, didn’t I? It’s hard to stay focused and listen to what the babbling idiot says.

  3. since I haven’t seen either I will take your word for it; I love the concept of the two as one!
    Can I say to the vice president ‘you’re out”??

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