Only in the Pacific Northwest

On my way into work I heard that traffic was moving along at less than the speed limit due to…

…bright sunshine!

Ya’ gotta love Portland.

5 responses to “Only in the Pacific Northwest

  1. You are my sunshine in Oregon

  2. Your only sunshine? ; )

  3. ” You make me happy, when skies are blue.” Lordy Rodg, you’re setting this one up based on your comment to SPO. All we need is the next person to come in and give us the next verse of that bloody song. HEHEHE! Only in Portland would you get the reverse of what SLOWS people down in SoCal (rain!).

  4. You’ll never know dear……

    (I aim to please) 😉

  5. You guys are out of control. Rodger, you know we’re not used to that big bright ball in the sky this time of year

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