Daily Archives: February 1, 2007

Out and About

I’ve been out with friends four of the past five nights and I need a break. Don’t get me wrong…I love these people…but my introvert reputation is being greatly compromised…and I’m tired. To make matters worse we always end the evening with a couple pints at a local watering hole and with all this cold weather I’m not getting out enough during the day to keep the calories in check. I have to set new rules like attending events that don’t require sitting for long periods of time and only drinking in dance clubs no drinking afterwards…at least not beer.

I should also return to my introvert ways but Portland has had some really great stuff going on lately. That’s one good thing about this town…it’s pretty hip. The symphony may suck but the arts scene is cutting edge and accessible. I’ve seen a “Performance Activist” present on his ex-gay experience in the “Homo No Mo Halfway House”, an author discuss American fascism in the form of the Christian right and then an hilarious send up of a religious Boy Band (Altar Boyz) and if that weren’t enough I saw William Hurt in Uncle Vanya in a theater so small I could have grabbed his ass tripped him. He’s so dreamy!

I’m looking forward to staying in tonight and the dog will be thrilled not to be deserted again. I wonder if he’ll be clingy when I get home or just pissed that he can’t rearrange the furniture again while I’m gone? I think I’ll cook some comfort food too…and iron my shirts…unless Mark already did that for me. He’s such a nice guy that way.