Where’d this Week Go?

Where has the week gone? Last weekend was so busy I had material to blog everyday this week but come Monday I was lucky to find the time to check my e-mail, let alone post.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in apartment hunting mode and helping Elena & Emilio open a bank account and get acquainted with our American ways. It’s been a long time since I’ve been an apartment dweller and the application process is as complicated as airport security the first few months after 9/11. I swear they want your life history, a DNA sample, and you must be a recent lottery winner to pay all the move-in costs. It doesn’t matter if you’re an M.D. with a six figure income, they still want blood.

Today I had a work lunch followed by a trip to the eye doctor. I forgot how strange it is having my eyes dilated. It reminds me of that feeling when the LSD starts to kick in and your peripheral vision begins blurring, only without the chills. I always hated that feeling.

I hope to take my new Italian friends on a Gorge excursion this weekend and I think I’ll make some more mozarella cheese before moving on to a hard cheese. I want to be sure that our cheese mentor is back from Costa Rica before moving forward in case things go south (pun not intended). I can also pull together my post on the first mozarella experience and share some photos of the process.


4 responses to “Where’d this Week Go?

  1. I wish that your cheese mentor was looking forward to getting back from Costa Rica, but alas he is not. The temperature did finally make it into the double digits in Chicago today. Meanwhile, I’m sitting outside naked during the day and blacklighting at night. Just fired the light up. I’m here online waiting for stuff to begin coming in.

  2. So is it you that is appartment hunting or are you helping your Italian friends find a place? Yes it is a bitch when it comes to all that stuff…when I moved down to SoCal for school, I swear I did more running around to get appartment clearance than when I closed escrow on my formerly owned places. LOL

    Funny you had your eyes dialated today…Derek over at Past, Present, and Future (Blogger acct) and Still Thinking (WordPress) just went in to have his eyes checked. We were on the phone laughing c’z he said the color of his eyes was nearly overwhelmed in Black, his pupils were sooooo dialated. Even sent me a pic which was even funnier.

  3. Naked? Thanks Doug, now I’ll go read about politics so I can move into the kitchen to refill my wine glass without embarrassing myself!

  4. Glad to be of service. Everyone should be more informed about politics in today’s tumultuous world. I’ll behave and not say a thing about skinny dipping in the resort’s pool last week. Of course, our ongoing blizzard is making that seem like a very dim memory at the moment.

    When will we see pics of your mozzarella experience?

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