You Call These Cookies?


I was running through the supermarket this past weekend to pick up some milk for a cheesemaking experiment with the neighbor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a package of Nestle Tollhouse Cookies with caramel topping. Being a caramel junkie I popped the package into my basket for a late night treat.

Last night, after a long day at work, I remembered the cookies and decided I deserved a treat.  In no time at all I can have warm, gooey, caramelly cookies.  Mmmm.  I separated the pre-cut squares, placed them on the cookie sheet and 10 minutes later I had….shit! These are the worst fucking cookies I’ve ever tasted. Even after dousing them with the caramel topping they still taste like garbage. I should have known better than to buy pre-fab cookies. Never, never, ever again!


5 responses to “You Call These Cookies?

  1. Now that’s a good way to ruin a Valentine’s day. Happy Velentine’s Day bud! Hope all is well. Dang, all your talk about cheesemaking is making me hungry for some good cheese, a loaf of incredible SF sourdough french bread and a glass of good merlot or chianti!!!!

  2. The packaging on the cookies says to me “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Sorta like the Bush administration’s main message. I’m not surprised at the outcome.

  3. so you won’t be treating yourself to those again then? hehe!!

    Happy Belated Vals Day anyway!

  4. i really missed reading you. thank you so much rodger for all your recent comments and thoughts and support.
    BTW I was actually disappointed NOT to have seen a tarantula. I would have traded my sickness for a bunch of spiders.

  5. sicksicksicksicksick!!!! Do this instead: Make a huge batch of dough, roll it up into logs, wrap and freeze for later convenient HOMEMADE cookie making!

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