16 for 24?

Oh…I should know better. I used to have annual Oscar Parties with Official Ballots and cash awards and would always win or tie for first place. This year I’ve been too busy to throw together a party so I participated in the cyber balloting over at Durban Bud and evidently didn’t do too bad at 12 for 21. If he’d included the short film categories I would have hit 16 of 24. A decent score but not winning material in competition.

I fell victim to the hype and the fact that the Screen Actor’s Guild, being the largest voting group in the Academy, chose Little Miss Sunshine for their ‘Ensemble’, or Best Picture equivalent prize, and Eddie Murphy for Best Supporting Actor. I really wasn’t all that thrilled with “…Sunshine” although it was cute, it wasn’t Best Picture cute and yet I voted for it anyway…Do’h! And I should have listened to my own advice and voted for Alan Arkin because there is always one sympathy award…and to think I was this close to voting for him.

Overall I think it was a good show and Ellen DeGeneres rocked the house but my biggest complaint was Best Supporting Actress. I’m tired of the hype surrounding Jennifer Hudson and her performance was simply a carbon copy of Jennifer Holliday’s fine performance in the stage version. In fact, Ms. Hudson didn’t even bother to make “And I’m Telling You…” her own. Any true artist would have put a new twist on the song and claimed it but not this homophobic bitch, nope, she just did her best impression of the original. Oh well…her 15 minutes are up! Sure…she’ll be around for a little while but America will lose interest pretty quickly. Remember Alicia Silverstone? Or Catherine Zeta Jones? I thought so.

It was great to finally see Marty take home the Director prize even if this wasn’t his best film or second best for that matter but they did give it to him while he’s still alive.

The Lifetime Achievement award to Ennio Morricone was well deserved too if also a little late. That man writes the most spectacular film music if not the most beautiful melodies ever! If you doubt that…check out the soundtrack to The Mission.

Next year the party is back on and I’ll pay more attention to my tried and true voting rules. I’m sure to do better and it’s always more fun when there’s a bit o’ cash on the line. I’ll send you all an invite!


8 responses to “16 for 24?

  1. I really love Morricone’s music. I’ve had a copy of the soundtrack to The Mission since shortly after it came out. I recently acquired a CD of Yo Yo Ma playing a variety of his works. Spectacular stuff.

  2. Alright, how about a mention for my Best Animated pick, Happy Feet. I was rooting for that gem to win and it did!

  3. Jaysus Rodger I’m impressed with all that movie/song/stage knowledge! I was happy to see The Departed win. I loved it though the violence did make me cover my eyes a couple of times. I used Tivo to record the show so I could watch it commercial-free and it cut off the last 45 minutes!!! I missed all the big ones – such a disappointment! Your oscar party sounds like a hoot. Nothing like a bit of the green stuff to get the competitive juices flowing.

  4. Doug – We picked up a copy of the Yo-Yo Ma CD a month or so ago too. I love it. What is is with Italian composers? Nino Rota is another movie music great.

    Kory – I didn’t mention Happy Feet because I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll take your word for it being a gem and check it out soon.

    Toeknee – If you’re stateside next year you’ll definitely get an invitation.

  5. i fell asleep around one hour into it all
    gads but I am getting old.

  6. and i still don’t know which film won best picture 🙂 if it was little miss sunshine, i’ll never go to another movie.

  7. Lynette – it was The Departed (Scorsese) and well deserved. I too was rooting against Little Miss Sunshine but voted for it on my ballot because it won so many other awards. I wouldn’t have if I were an Academy voter.

  8. Yes – I’m more than a week late on this — but I only just found your site (after you posted a comment on mine). Anywho — so happ to see someone else shares my distaste for Jennifer Hudson. I realize she’s Hollywood’s golden child right now, but seriously, I just don’t get the hype. And will be quite glad when the 15 minutes are up.

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