Daily Archives: February 27, 2007


Tonight I spent some time at my test page trying on my html training wheels and learning to make my page a bit more interesting. I know…I don’t post for days and days and then I admit to playing around on a page that nobody will ever see. Well hey…it takes a lot more time in the make-up trailer when you’re my age!

I did make a small adjustment to my page and I hope to make others soon because I’m getting tired of the layout and want to brighten things up a bit. I’ll put up new curtains and maybe paint a few walls and by Spring I should have a new place to reside.

Oh well…enough playing around…time to get back to proofing and formatting biosketches for this grant. Pray for snow in the morning so I can mosey in late, if at all. I get so much more accomplished without the distractions at the office.