Wacky Weather

I woke up this morning to 4 inches of snow so I was able to take my time getting through my morning routine and was even able to make a nice breakfast. About 11:00 I made my way into work and by the time I got there the sky was a beautiful deep blue and the sun was shining. Too weird for late February in Portland. Tonight, most of the snow is gone but we’re supposed to have another 2 inches tomorrow morning. Then we’re supposed to hit 60 on Sunday.

I love it when we get snow but I wish it would stick around for a while instead of melting away before I get home to build a snowman. Okay…I did that this morning…but he was a little snowman.

Sixty on Sunday sounds great…I can take the dog to the river and maybe get a tan. I can dream can’t I?


5 responses to “Wacky Weather

  1. OOOO! A tan by the river. Which river might that be? did you say Saturday? How might you “bask’ in the sun? with thy bearish body ladened with shorts or au naturale? LMAO! I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

    Quite the leisurely morning before heading into work….sweeT!

  2. I thought that people in the Pacific Northwest didn’t get tans. Ever. Isn’t it against the law up there?

    Having read Tony’s comments, I’m now forced to stay behind my desk for a few minutes. Guess I’ll switch over to Andres Sullivan in search of less..um..provicative imagery.

  3. People FROM the Pacific Northwest don’t get tans. People from California, living in the Northwest, take every opportunity they can find to add color to their skin.

  4. Sounds great! It always seems to me that you have a really great time there, it sounds so natural… the dog, snow, lake, sun. I rarely see any of those here in East London, lol!

    Here, it’s just grey. Showers and clouds, winds and puddles. East London isn’t a great place this time of year.

    Next year I’m taking February off work and jetting somewhere! :O)

  5. you woke up this morning to a four inch snowman?

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