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Feeling Good!

Today is the first day I’ve begun to feel on top of things again. After finally getting caught up at work, I came home and installed a new light fixture in the office and replaced a dimmer switch in the kitchen. Then I got on the treadmill and ran two miles to start taking off some of the weight I’ve put on these past few weeks being tied to my desk day and night. I feel good!

I also got to spend the Sunday afternoon birdwatching on the island and was thrilled to see well over a dozen Bald Eagles, nesting Osprey, Hawks, Sandhill Cranes, Grebes, Ducks, various other waterfowl and numerous LBBs (little brown birds). The best part of the day was watching a pair of eagles fighting with a third that had evidently invaded their territory. The geese were fleeing in all directions as these eagles dove at each other again and again. The sound of the geese was deafening and at one point, two of the eagles locked talons and spiraled downward, finally releasing their hold on each other just before crashing into the tree tops. It was a spectacular aerial display. I’m still kicking myself for not bringing the good camera. It was a dry, sunny day and I forgot the scope and the camera. Go figure.

I’m finally feel the weight of the past weeks falling away and I feel so relieved and happy. I’m looking forward to catching up on my favorite blogs and actually posting here on a regular basis again. Of course I have some family arriving from California on Wednesday for a brief visit so the regular posts will probably have to wait until next week but at least I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Well…gotta go read what all my peeps have been up to lately…later!!

The Culprit

¬†Here it is….


…the cause of my absence in all it’s 850+ pages of glory. It doesn’t look like much sitting there on the desk but the work that goes into creating this massive grant started over 6 months ago and culminated in 12 straight days of 12 to 14 hours each. After reading and re-reading all these projects both biomedical and non-biomedical dealing with biomarkers, biosensors and bioremediation, they should offer me a PhD!

Now we wait, and hopefully we’ll hear some good news come October when the initial review and scoring should be complete. Until then…I leave you with one more shot. I put a drink can next to it for perspective.


(I guess I should have turned the can and not created a Pepsi commercial. Oh well…my brain it tired.)

Phun Photo Phriday


Thomas and his otherworldy friends enjoy a night out.

The Black Hole

Yep, I’m heading into the black hole…the last few days before the grant deadline and 5 of the 8 projects will not be completed until Saturday. The project overview cannot be written until all the projects are complete which means we will not have a (near) finished product until Monday night and the finished product must be out the door by 4:00 pm Tuesday. We’re cutting it very close.

I’ve been putting in long days at the office and long nights at home and this will continue until the grant is out the door. Fortunately, I have a brief reprieve Saturday night as I’ve made it clear that this wild Irish wench I know is having a St. Paddy’s Day Bash and I WILL be attending! Of course I’m back in the office Sunday morning but formatting documents is not terribly impacted by slight hangovers.

I just finished my work for the night (11:00 pm) and will try to find a Phun Photo to post but food and sleep are top priority at this point. I look forward to catching up with you all when I return.

Early DST, St. Patrick’s Day and a promising forecast should make for a great weekend for all of you so get out there and have a great time!!!


When we went on vacation a few months back, I dropped a few ‘goodies’ into the Motrin bottle in my backpack. Today at work a colleague asked me for pain relievers…I handed her the bottle.

Hang ’em Dammit!


I guess Multnomah County thinks I’m the great decider. I received a jury summons and my boss wrote a letter asking that I be excused because I’m too valuable to not have available for the grant application we’re submitting. (snicker)

A week later I receive a card in the mail excusing me from service AND a new summons ordering me to report on the next jury. Yes, the very same day!

It’s things like this that would make me a bad juror.

Who’s calling now?

Our new DirecTV HD DVR has a feature that pops up caller ID info when someone calls. Now you don’t even have to get off your ass to see who’s interrupting your movie. With features like this it won’t be long before you CAN’T get off your ass to see who’s interrupitng your movie.

What will they think of next?

Phun Photo Phriday

Mac Happy.JPG

Road Rant

There ought to be a law forcing School Bus drivers to pull over when followed by more than 6 cars…let alone the 22, yes 22, that were following the bus on Skyline this morning.

There ought to be a law that all road construction take place between the hours of 10:00 pm & 6:00 am not during commute hours.

…and to that betch applying mascara at the light…if you didn’t apply it so heavily you’d see that the light has been green for well over 30 seconds…and if you turned down your music you’d hear my horn blaring as a reminder that green means go!!!!!

I feel better now.  Have a nice day! : )

Typically Misleading

Even with global warming I still don’t trust the beautiful weather we’ve had the past two days. In fact it’s typical Oregon Spring weather where you think…’I need to get the garden started’…and then you plant a few seeds only to have a hard freeze two weeks down the line. No…I’m not falling for it…even though I found these in a flower bed today.


Just as deceiving is this shot on the trail at Kelly Point Park where we took Mac on Sunday afternoon for a workout. Although the shrubs are beginning to leaf out…

Spring Trail.JPG

…I know Spring doesn’t really hit until after Rose Festival. I do love all the little signs and changes though and I even saw/heard Sandhill Cranes flying toward Sauvie Island on their trek North. There is no confusing their beautiful call and I’m looking forward to heading to the island this weekend with the spotting scope for a closer view of these magnificent birds.


I also hope to get a few shots of the Bald Eagles we saw a couple weeks ago. Amazingly, and unexpectedly, when we took our Italian friends to the island for a preview of the local birdwatching sites, we were all surprised to see a nesting pair of Bald Eagles. This should prove to be a fruitful weekend unless the females are just hunkered down warming eggs. We’re hoping for hatchlings and lots of feeding activity but we’ll take any sightings we get. Hopefully I’ll get some decent photos.