Daily Archives: March 6, 2007

Typically Misleading

Even with global warming I still don’t trust the beautiful weather we’ve had the past two days. In fact it’s typical Oregon Spring weather where you think…’I need to get the garden started’…and then you plant a few seeds only to have a hard freeze two weeks down the line. No…I’m not falling for it…even though I found these in a flower bed today.


Just as deceiving is this shot on the trail at Kelly Point Park where we took Mac on Sunday afternoon for a workout. Although the shrubs are beginning to leaf out…

Spring Trail.JPG

…I know Spring doesn’t really hit until after Rose Festival. I do love all the little signs and changes though and I even saw/heard Sandhill Cranes flying toward Sauvie Island on their trek North. There is no confusing their beautiful call and I’m looking forward to heading to the island this weekend with the spotting scope for a closer view of these magnificent birds.


I also hope to get a few shots of the Bald Eagles we saw a couple weeks ago. Amazingly, and unexpectedly, when we took our Italian friends to the island for a preview of the local birdwatching sites, we were all surprised to see a nesting pair of Bald Eagles. This should prove to be a fruitful weekend unless the females are just hunkered down warming eggs. We’re hoping for hatchlings and lots of feeding activity but we’ll take any sightings we get. Hopefully I’ll get some decent photos.