Road Rant

There ought to be a law forcing School Bus drivers to pull over when followed by more than 6 cars…let alone the 22, yes 22, that were following the bus on Skyline this morning.

There ought to be a law that all road construction take place between the hours of 10:00 pm & 6:00 am not during commute hours.

…and to that betch applying mascara at the light…if you didn’t apply it so heavily you’d see that the light has been green for well over 30 seconds…and if you turned down your music you’d hear my horn blaring as a reminder that green means go!!!!!

I feel better now.  Have a nice day! : )


4 responses to “Road Rant

  1. it is good to rant; I will take your example.

  2. The Rant is justified………..sometimes the bus stops and the kids keep talking to their friends on the bus for a while before they get off the bus….the drivers make no effort to be efficient about it…. And there is plenty of construction between here and his work…..on a narrow roadway……. Whew.

  3. Rodger, there is construction everywhere in the city. I don’t get the construction during rush hour either. I don’t remember DC area construction happening until hightfall.

  4. Boy someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed! LMAO!! ain’t it true Rodger…I hate when any car has that many vehicle behind it that it’s holding up. Should have seen my brother and I driving on the road back from Hana on Maui. We must have honked a gazillion times and said every four letter explitive over several fold. It took the guy literally 1/2 hour to get a clue before pulliing over to let the some 10 12 cars behind him go. I think there were a few ‘fingers’ as we all drove by. So much for that laid back life on Hawaii. HEHEHE! Hope all is well.

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