Hang ’em Dammit!


I guess Multnomah County thinks I’m the great decider. I received a jury summons and my boss wrote a letter asking that I be excused because I’m too valuable to not have available for the grant application we’re submitting. (snicker)

A week later I receive a card in the mail excusing me from service AND a new summons ordering me to report on the next jury. Yes, the very same day!

It’s things like this that would make me a bad juror.

5 responses to “Hang ’em Dammit!

  1. No Rodger…I think you just gave aperfect example of how screwed up our legal system can be, right down to setting up a jury. C’mon, excusing you and then setting you up for another jury the same day. What a JOKE!!!!

  2. I have wasted more than enough days going down there and waiting to not get picked for duty (I work in Law Enforcement). I thought you got a summons every two or three years, but I have gotten them more recently than that. And always for the county.


  3. I called and was excused. They say they use two different lists which may explain why some folks get called so frequently.

  4. you can be a juror for me anyday, but I hope you find me guilty

  5. i have not had a summons in 20+ years. amazes me, kind of. they’d not want me, of course, but i kind of feel offended and overlooked and insignificant never even getting one.

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