When we went on vacation a few months back, I dropped a few ‘goodies’ into the Motrin bottle in my backpack. Today at work a colleague asked me for pain relievers…I handed her the bottle.

10 responses to “Oh.So.Embarrassed!

  1. my mother would accidently take my brother’s ritalin, thinking it was a her thyroid medication. She always did more that day.

  2. Sorry that you have a problem with that….LOL

  3. They’re my recreational drug of choice.

  4. i am shocked shocked shocked to hear you are doing recreation of any kind. it will lead to social dancing.

  5. Oh Rodger…shame on you!!! Boy, nothing more embarrassing than having to explain yourself or just ‘grin and smile meekishly.’ LMAO!

  6. Yes, Spo, you’re correct. It has lead to MUCH “recreational dancing” but always at home and always for long, exuberant, extraordinary, exhausting hours. I highly recommend it!

  7. do you remember Six Feet Under when the mom went camping,and her son gave her what he thought was his tylenol, but it was something that made the stars much brighter.

  8. Uh….I have to see you again you know! TMI! 😉

  9. Geez, I barely take aspirin, I can’t imagine what would happen if I tried the little blue one…Although the boyfriend may end up with a big smile on his face.

  10. He most certainly would Tonka…and you would too. Trust me!

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