The Culprit

 Here it is….


…the cause of my absence in all it’s 850+ pages of glory. It doesn’t look like much sitting there on the desk but the work that goes into creating this massive grant started over 6 months ago and culminated in 12 straight days of 12 to 14 hours each. After reading and re-reading all these projects both biomedical and non-biomedical dealing with biomarkers, biosensors and bioremediation, they should offer me a PhD!

Now we wait, and hopefully we’ll hear some good news come October when the initial review and scoring should be complete. Until then…I leave you with one more shot. I put a drink can next to it for perspective.


(I guess I should have turned the can and not created a Pepsi commercial. Oh well…my brain it tired.)


4 responses to “The Culprit

  1. it is best to throw it out the window in one piece of paper at at time inccrements. Paper airplanes come to mind; but if that is too much fuss, try shredding.

  2. Oh I like the shredding idea. Lots of confetti…we can have a party! Well at least we know you’ll be blogging now!! Yeh!

  3. I’ve been through the grant writing exercise a bunch of times, but never anything of that magnitude. I assume that it’s to one of the big government agencies like NSF or NIMH. Given what you went through writing it, I’m surprised that the can isn’t something a bit more fortified than Pepsi.

  4. oh what a freakin nightmare!!! does anyone read it?

    i used to put together 200-300 page reports when i was a child abuse investigator. too many times, no one even looked at the thing unless a kid turned up dead later, god forbid. but it had to be done. gets old after a while.

    hope you get the $$

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