Marionette Madness


I had family arrive last Wednesday and we played straight through the weekend. We spent Saturday night at “The Horrible House of Dr. Hadrian”. (That’s him above) The Castiron Carousel Marrionette Troupe performed at our favorite local hang out…Proper Eats. This is the first horror show I’ve ever seen performed by marrionettes and it was hysterical. I’ll have to keep an eye on these folks…they’re pretty twisted.


5 responses to “Marionette Madness

  1. that does looke ‘horrible’ what a hoot!

  2. spooky. i do like marrionette’s though.

  3. I’d kill for one of those marionettes. When I was in Salzburg the last time, I searched for a maker…never could find one. Sounds like a great show…wish they’d get something like that here.

  4. Danette Burchill

    Thanks for the review of our show! Please let us know if you’d like to see more shows in the future:

    Danette Burchill, CastIron Carousel Marionette Troupe, Inc.

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