Back to the Vet’s happened again.  Mac has decided to split the carpal pad on his right front paw.  He split the pad on the left side about six months ago and the vet just cut it off.  Dressing the wound tonight I see that he’ll have to do the same on this one.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing because he’ll still have half a pad which I’m sure he’ll find a way to split or tear again.  I’d offer up a picture but I’m sure you’re as tired of seeing him with colorful wraps on his leg as I am taking them.

Speaking of taking pictures…I’m in the market for a DSLR and open to suggestions if anyone has experience with them.  I’ve done all the research and I’m leaning toward the Canon EOS 30D.  I know Nikon has a 10 megapixel camera available but it seems to have noise problems at fairly low ISO.  A friend has lent me his 30D to play with for the week and it’s just making me want one sooner.  I’ve also heard Canon will be releasing a 40D at some point which will have the dust removal system found on the 400XTI and it’s also supposed to be 10 mp. What to do?

If you have any info…send it my way.


9 responses to “Back to the Vet

  1. get the Canon! ’nuff said… TRUST ME!

  2. Thanks Terry. You I trust…I’ve seen your work and I love it!

  3. sorry to hear about the bum paw. well wishes to mac.

  4. A friend of mine has the Nikon 10 meg. She takes amazing macro photos of butterflies. You can see individual scales on the wings when you magnify them. Last year I got one for Leon (back only) as a birthday gift. He loves It. I want to upgrade my SLR to digital as well. I’ll undoubtedly go with the Nikon. For both Leon and myself, a main part of the drive to go with Nikon is that all of our existing lenses are compatible with the digital camera back. It definitely lowers the incentive to look at other SLR brands.

  5. I honestly don’t think you will go wrong with either camera. My brother-in-law has the upper end Nikon camera and I love it. I use it all the time. But I have also owned Canon and can swear by those too. Happy Easter Rodg!!!

  6. Poor Mac…feel better.

  7. J’aime beaucoup cette 2eme photo. Je crois regarder un film

  8. poor Mac. sounds painful.

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