Changing Face

Every November I grow a beard. It keeps my face, and Mark’s thighs, warm for the winter. Mid-January I tired of trimming and it took on a life of it’s own.


On Friday I trimmed my hair tight with the intention of shaving my head.


Only to have friends tell me to keep this look. So, it looks like I’ll stick to the psycho bastard look before returning to my usual goatee come the first of May.

I’m still curious about the shaved head though…whaddya think…should I do it?


9 responses to “Changing Face

  1. Hey Sexy!!!! I think the shaved head could be hot but ony with the goatee. I actually like the close crop right now that you have. I could live without the beard but I’d love to experience the warm thigh sensation that the hubby is getting. I can think of another location I’d love to be feeling it. Ok, now woody has come out. Shame for me going there. 😛

  2. I think that the shorter haircut looks hot. The picture makes it look like you could pull the shaved head look off just fine if you choose to go that route. Woofers.

  3. I agree with Tony that you looked best with shaved head and goatee – or perhaps a shorter beard.
    By the way, Tony needs to be hosed down or get laid.

  4. Hmmm, I think Mark should shave it for you. As long as you’re both nekkid! LOL

  5. I would keep the beard, but shorter.

  6. GREAT look and GREAT picture. is that your backyard? i am so jealous if it is. it looks beautiful. oh, and as far as a full shave of the head i say no. only because i like the way the real tight cut in the picture looks.

  7. The new hair is very hot. I have a thing against untrimmed beards although I do agree that one would be sensational between the thighs. I am a total sucker (pun intended, I’m afraid) for a man with a goatee–I get all butterflies in the tummy when I see one come into view.

  8. I say go for the shaved head, but I’m inclined to do so myself, so I may not be a reliable source. Regardless, short looks much better. As for the beard I already did my spring experiment in topiary. Come September, I’ll be reforesting the face.

  9. Don’t take this the wrong way but that beard scares me to death!

    😉 ha!

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