Cloud Cult

A couple weeks ago Helen wrote this review of the band Cloud Cult. Music junkie that I am I couldn’t resist heading over to their website to check them out and listen to some of their tunes. Wow! I was really impressed with this band. Not only their sound but their socially and environmentally conscious approach to music, art and life.

Checking their tour schedule I was happy to find they were playing Portland the very next week, so last Thursday Mark and I called some friends and headed off to the Fez Ballroom. We were not disappointed! The band puts on a unique multi-media performance and their music is sophisticated and energetic. I’d go on but I couldn’t possibly write a more comprehensive or enthusiastic review than Helen so head on over and read what she had to say. I have to agree on every count except she could’ve used a bit more hyperbole. Really.

On our way out we ran into Craig Minowa, the lead singer/songwriter and founder. What a freakin’ nice guy he was, and not hard on the eyes either. I would love to take him home just to pick his brain. In fact, I’d take the whole band home. I can hardly wait for their return in September.

Thanks Helen!


5 responses to “Cloud Cult

  1. i’ve not been out anywhere of late. nothing new, no new music in my life (besides this bit, which i, too, picked off of little miss helen). here i go, home to another night at . . . home. not to be missed, though. i’ll be watching television tonight, something i rarely do, to see keith olbermann’s and jon stewart’s take on our four year anniversary of Mission Accomplished in Iraq!

  2. Come home with the band to pick their brain…lordy you devish boy. Instant orgy. LMAO. Just kidding.

  3. I am so jealous I could cry. I missed them in Chicago by one night!!! Glad you had a great time, and on a personal note, thank you for your kind words on my blog today. I have enjoyed reading you as well, and am linking you. We must have much in common given we like the dead, and the dead kennedy’s (quite the spread in taste). I’m guessing you are like me in that your tastes are so diverse your friends absolutely love some of your music and rib you about the rest. I hear it all the time. “How can you like Iron & Wine, and listen to Bad Brains as well?” I will have to keep reading you.

  4. Lynette – I too will be watching Keith and John as I thrive on their humor to keep me in check.

    Tater – You can still catch Cloud Cult in Chicago on June 27. They’re playing the Empty Bottle according to the website. And yes…I often get comments about my musical taste. It’s pretty widespread. Keep writing…we need your voice!

  5. Yay! I’m so happy you love them too!

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