I’ve been a bit distracted lately and neglecting my blog. The weather here is finally changing and we’re moving out of our rainy period. We see more and more sunny days although the truly nice weather is over a month away. When the sun starts making more frequent appearances my thoughts turn toward the yard and garden. A week ago I was finally able to get the vegetable garden tilled and Mark quickly made the raised rows and started planting. We’ll be moving the starts from the mini-greenhouse to the garden over the next month.

This past weekend was the annual Master Gardener’s Plant Sale which always has great bargains so we spent most of Sunday plant shopping. The purchase of the day was a beautiful trailing Abutilon. I’ll try to get a picture posted soon.

Speaking of pictures, I did buy a new digital SLR and have been busy learning how it operates. I’m so old school I keep forgetting to change the ISO. Using that old point and shoot camera for so long I forgot how much depth and beauty you can get out of the larger format. I’m using this pic as wallpaper at the office and it’s getting a lot of attention. I think it’s the promise of spring that catches everyones attention. (Click pic and enlarge for the best view)

Maple Leafing.JPG

My social calendar has also been a lot busier these past couple weeks and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for a while. I don’t know how all my weekends got booked for the next two months but I can see I’ll need a vacation come July.

I guess a lot of this really comes back to the fact that the weather is changing. It keeps me outdoors until dark and then I have just enough time to make a quick dinner and watch Countdown before hitting the sack. If only work would slow down I’d be able to post from the office, but that’s not looking very promising. I’m sure once the garden is in and I settle in to my summer routine I’ll have plenty of time to post. I’m looking forward to those relaxing evenings, sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, while the birds fly in from all directions to bathe and feed before settling in for night. Yes…summer is just around the corner…and it’s distracting.

5 responses to “Distracted

  1. Spring is supposed to be distracting! You are anticipating the warm days ahead, and the beauty emerging all around you, not to mention the desire to rev up your sex life. I enjoyed your post, am jealous of your green thumb, and like your photos. What camera did you go with? One more question, what do you do for a living? I should know by now but do not…

  2. Wow…what a picture. So much clarity. What kind of camera? Ok Rodg…I hope your busy schedule includes SF Pride in late JUNE. Otherwise I am going to have to find a way to get up to your neck of the woods.

  3. well, at least you are doing wonderful things in lieu of posting. If I had these things to do, and some one to do them with, I too would be out more/posting less.
    I do look forward to your new photos.

  4. The picture is awesome. I’ve always felt inadequate about photography. Probably because Leon is so much better at it than I am.

    Sounds like the gardening is really starting up for you, as it is for us. Still, it will be weeks before even lettuce thinnings are ready for harvest. Looking forward to pix of your garden.

  5. gorgeous photo. don’t understand a thing about the camera, though i use one to make a living. crazy, eh?

    so you’re in the natural rhythm of the gardener. that’s one of the things i love about gardening: there are tasks and joys associated with each season and the fact of being in the garden really keeps me mindful of the passing of days.

    i used to grow a couple thousand plants from seed every spring. it’s how i got my perennial gardens going, plus all of the vegetables (those 65 tomatoe plants i used to put in) and enough annuals to make things lush.

    i haven’t done it in a couple of years ~ too busy, sadly ~ but it was quite a flurry of activity around here. you reminded me when you mentioned your “mini greenhouse” and i had a moment of nostalgia (and a small twinge of relief) 😉

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