Oregon Governor Signs Gay Rights Bills

Today Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed Senate Bill 2 and House Bill 2007 into law. These bills prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and establish legal recognition of same sex relationships. I wish I had been in Salem today to hear his words…

“If you look at the majority of the bills that pass each session, they are what I call transactional, however, every decade or so there are a few bills that are actually transformational – and House Bill 2007 and Senate Bill 2 are two pieces of legislation that will literally transform our state from one of exclusion to one of complete inclusion.”

With this legislation Oregon becomes the 8th State to recognize same sex relationships and the 18th to establish anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation. Better yet, Oregon’s anti-discrimination legislation is one of very few in the nation to include transgendered persons.

I’m sure there will be challenges to these laws and if the Republicans win a legislative majority in the near future this legislation may be overturned, but today we celebrate.

BTW – this also makes the entire left coast gay friendly!


14 responses to “Oregon Governor Signs Gay Rights Bills

  1. Odd – didn’t the majority of Oregon voters vote against same-sex marriage? So much for “We The People” huh?

  2. They voted against using the term marriage not against civil unions. Most voters were in favor of civil unions. Further, the Oregon Family Council, the lobbying group that fought in favor of measure 36, originally backed civil unions instead of same sex marriage. Once the measure passed, they changed their mind. Funny how fickle those evangelicals can be.

    Oh…while I’m at it let me say…in a representative democracy such as ours our elected legislators speak for the people. Disappointed with the outcome of this legislation? Vote for a new legislator.

  3. No, legislators that are liberal will always try and go against the will of the people. The promotion of homosexuality throughout the workplace and school system is evidence of that. The population did not vote for that – liberal legislators shoved it down everyone’s throat.

    Another example – liberal legislators will alway vote Pro-Union measures into law – or try to. Again, not with the will of the people.

    There is no state in the union that has had same-sex marriage on the ballot had the majority wanting this. The “solution” for liberals in those states with a majority of liberal legislators was to use deception and pass civil unions in place of same-sex marriage.

    Typical liberals – you can not trust them.

  4. You’re missing the point. The term marriage is the issue not civil unions. Civil Unions and Domestic Partnership laws HAVE been voted on and passed in some states. It has nothing to do with liberal legislators. Shit…look at Karen Minnis who made a point of not allowing the Oregon legislature to vote on these issues when she was playing Queen. She knew the bill would pass in the Republican controlled house so she took matters into her own hands. Just like the Bush administration she chose to be a dictator as opposed to letting our elected officials speak for the people.

  5. The people do not want their children taught that queers and transsexuals are normal. Get real.

  6. Dog…you obviously have nothing to offer this world other than hate and are simply looking for attention. Once you edited my comment on your page you admitted you are not open to honest debate. Therefore, you are no longer welcome to comment on this page. It’s been fun and you’ve helped make my celebration all the more joyous knowing that we have defeated haters such as yourself.

    BTW – queers and transsexuals ARE normal and you’re just going to have to get used to it. Sleep well!

  7. oh good heavens, what an asshat and on such an exciting day. just evidence that, though oregon has made a giant step in the right direction, the country as a whole has a long way to go.

    this is great news, rodger. i am so pleased for you and proud of oregon being a standard bearer in this fight. yay!!

    in oklahoma news, the legislature yesterday lacked a single vote in overriding our governor’s veto on the anti-abortion bill passed her a few weeks ago. it would have banned any public hospital from performing abortions and clearly, clearly targets women with few resources. it is rare that i say “yay” on anything to do with OK, but yay!

    Special day . . . nice to hear the good news.

  8. Congrats, that’s wonderful news. The fact like morons like dogbreath, or whatever his name was, are upset just makes it sweeter. There are now some rumblings about civil unions even here in Illinois. I feel that we are seeing something of a sea change at the moment. THere was a lot of momentum a few years back with the Lawrence decision and the Massachusetts marriage decision. Then things got positively nasty for a bit. Now we have states instituting civil unions at a surprising clip. I wonder if this might be the reflection of a decline in power of the evangelical right following the shrub administration’s implosion over the last year or so.

  9. Lordy Rodg….looks like you had your own sh*t disturber at your blog. I think we need to educate some of our Right Coast friends that the Left Coast is really the bestg place to live. OH Spidie….

  10. Dude doesn’t even deserve the handle “..Dog”. Dogs are loyal!

  11. congrats, and I am glad that asshole didn’t ruin your positive outlook! I may have to move west…

  12. Go Rodger! You handed that ignorant comment troll his ass without using a single expletive. I could never, ever do that. I’m deeply impressed.

  13. heavens! I go away for a day and all heck breaks loose here.
    I am glad for the news!

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