I’m It!

Most of you know I’m not a Meme person but I got tagged by Tater this weekend and thought it was probably time I gave up some info about myself.

The task is to tell you 10 things about me that you don’t already know or would find interesting. I’m not sure the things I’ve chosen are all that interesting but I haven’t blogged any of this prior to now, therefore, if you know about it, you’re either family, a close friend or you read the graffiti above the urinals.

1. On my first excursion to the Rich Street Baths in San Francisco I ran into Rock Hudson (yeah, I’m that old). Having had a schoolboy crush on him for years, I was too dumbfounded to earn the title Starfucker. Numerous others weren’t.

2. I used to date a Catholic Priest. We met at a club in NYC and went back to his church in Brooklyn where, after fucking all night, he delivered morning Mass. I don’t know if that means I’m especially blessed or eternally damned.

3. On a dare, I once followed all the members of the Grateful Dead to the bathroom to see how they measured up. We were working backstage and some of my friends were discussing whether Bob Weir was worth “doing”. Let’s just say “Bob” lives up to his name.

4. When I fucked up as a kid my father would actually hand me his pocketknife and tell me to go cut a switch. There were times I missed school because of the welts on my ass, legs and back. If he were really steamed and didn’t want to wait for me to bring him his weapon, he’d grab whatever was nearby. The “Hot Wheels” track left nice double lined marks and the buckle of his belt actually cut through the skin but the worst was the extension cord. The plastic insulation literally burns the skin.

5. By the age of sixteen I owned every Barbara Streisand album including the out of print “Pins and Needles” for which I paid a hefty price. And my Dad didn’t know I was gay? Today I only own three of her albums and one is “Pins and Needles” which you can purchase for a song at Amazon. These days Barbra bores me to tears.

6. Tom Waits moves me to tears. Yep, he’s a God!

7. As a child I hated virtually all food except hot dogs and Kraft macaroni and cheese. My parents tried everything to get me to eat but I wanted nothing to do with food. Now you can hardly pull me from the kitchen. I love to cook and love to eat and have to be careful about my weight. I think I have a food addiction.

8. I’m borderline OCD. It’s kind of hard to describe but I used to fixate on words, searching for a balanced pattern. If there were an uneven number of letters, I would have to find a pattern such as, 3 letters, 1, letter, 3 letters, in order to feel comfortable with the word. If I didn’t find and visualize this pattern I would get frustrated and anxious. I don’t consciously look for patterns any longer and the uneasiness is gone but occasionally a pattern pops into my head and I realize it’s still lurking in my brain. The good thing is I’ve got it under control without the use of drugs.

9. I allowed a friend studying cosmetology to dye Zebra stripes into my blonde locks for his portfolio. He tried bleaching me back to my normal color but it didn’t work. I ended up with grey stripes in my hair for 3 months. This was shortly after I cut off my foot high purple Mohawk. I had to use glue and hairspray to get the hair to stand up but the spikes were fierce!

10. I used to work for Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco which means I saw virtually every band that came through the Bay Area in the early 80’s. I could write a book about the people I met, the drugs I took and the strange goings on behind the scenes but it’s already been done. I’m just glad I didn’t drown in my own vomit.

Now, with that task behind me I guess it’s my turn to tag a few folks. I’ll start with Toni at Portland Diaries because I know she has a few good stories to tell. Mark at Scuff Productions, “ex-Mormon” says it all, and my blog-mama Emily at Sweet and Sour Jane who needs someone to light a fire under her ass so she’ll get back to blogging.


15 responses to “I’m It!

  1. Hahaha Blog-Mama sounds like a big fat lady with a computer. 🙂

  2. woo hoo I didn’t get tagged!

  3. Watch it Tonka…you can still get the call. I just assumed you felt the same as I when it came to memes. I still may hit you up if one of my 3 don’t respond.

  4. Well Rodger…#4 sounds a lot like my father when we were due punishment. Of course the bros and sistas in my house collectively bonded to protect each other. “Dad’s Home” alerts followed with books being shoved down our ‘drawers.’ Laughing here. I couuld tell a few there.

    Now as for #1 and #2, I need a ‘sidebar’ email from you. I simply must have all the details. Shame on me, being Catholic here, but I am really intrigued by #2

  5. WOW! I am so glad I tagged you. I am so jealous of your days in San Francisco, especially your job with Bill Graham Presents. I never got backstage at a Dead show, but I did finally get to meet Bob at a foodie convention. He was hawking his wok sauce. Your dad and mine must have been separated at birth! Mine made me go get his belt, and if that wasn’t handy, whatever he could grab. I think I have a permanent indention in my head from his college ring. I had black and yellow leopard spots in my hair, and my dad made me shave it off (even though it was already buzzed, and even though I told him it would wash out). I ran into our high school wrestling coach my first trip to the baths, and had to lock myself in my room to get him off my trail (eeewwwwww!) My OCD revolved around counting my steps. Don’t know why, but I did. I no longer have this issue, it was a teen phase.

    I really enjoyed reading this personal exercise, and I appreciate your candor. Thanks for sharing part of your past with us.

  6. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing such interesting detazils about yourself. You are one of the people that I have really enjoyed getting to know through blogging. And I’m glad that you survived #4 with your spirit intact.

  7. I think I have only been officially tagged once or twice. They just take too much time……….#5 Umm never, ever been a fan of Barbara, nor Cher.

  8. #3 is a worry
    About #6 – have you heard him sing the “Work Song” from Snow White? His rendition of ‘heigho heigho it’s off to work we go”
    is something else.

  9. Tony – I’ll get back to you with the gory details.
    Tater – Bummer about the hair! Wish I’d have tried that one. And the high school wrestling coach? Serious eeewwww!
    Doug – As they say…”What doesn’t kill us…” And thanks, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you as well. In fact, we have your replacement care package on the dining room table. I’ll get it wrapped and sent this week.
    Tonka – Barbra had the voice…she just never progressed. Cher…I just don’t get her at all.
    Spo – Never use the urinal next to me. ; ) I love the Dwarf’s Marching song. Typically twisted Tom. His ballads however…pass me the kleenex!

  10. Hooray! Thanks for playin’. Tater tagged you; I tagged Tater; Lorraine tagged me; Rosemary tagged Lorraine; and The Erstwhile Librarian tagged Rosemary. That’s as far back as I can trace this particular game.

    Normally, I hate these games, but as I said to Tater: when the right people play, it’s sorta fun.

  11. Oh Sh1te! Now I know what a “meme” is! How can I possibly come CLOSE to matching your crazy list?!!!! You have certainly LIVED life Mr Rodg!

  12. Ah toeknee…I KNOW you have it in you! I’m looking forward to your list. I almost used a Burning Man story but you rule that roost.

  13. Those are, far and away, the best answers I’ve yet seen for this meme. Who’s the big winner? Roger’s the big winner. I’m impressed.

  14. this was great, rodger. so sorry about #4. but the rest, wonderful. a mohawk? you just never know and that’s a good thing.

  15. Hey Rodg, I thought about it and am afraid I am reneging on the meme. To do it right would be to reveal stories I am not comfortable exposing to the www so I’ll have to share them with you over a few scoops instead. Sorry for being such a cautious lame ass…!

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