Timing is Everything

Every couple of months my blog is featured at the WordPress ‘Tags’ page for my ‘Phun Photo Phriday’ posts. When this happens I get an unusually high number of hits and always a comment or two from unknown folks who stop by.

Today, after posting my list of random facts about my life, I was the featured blog once again. I had an extremely high number of hits today and yet not one person unknown to me left a comment. I found that a little odd until I realized the first thing they saw when hitting my page was about running into Rock Hudson at the bathhouse. I’m sure they weren’t as amused as I am.

Oh…and to the person searching ‘Answers.com’ for ‘Rodger as in over and out’…my apologies.



4 responses to “Timing is Everything

  1. Ha ha ha ha!!

    I’m totally jealous about the Rock Hudson meeting. He was one yummy character …

  2. Hehe!
    At least the photos are G rated, if not the reading material. I’m sure your scandalous life blew up a few skirts, but who really gives a fuck? You are a proud gay man who has survived and thrived. congratulations, and thanks again for playing. I really enjoyed getting to know you better!

  3. Hardly scandalous. Ok, you mentioned this as a tale from your past, but it’s not like you went into explicit detail or anything. (You can, of course, provide me with all of that privately).

  4. haha! can’t wait to read the scandalous meme . . .

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