Bad News Baggie

Growing up in California I have to chuckle every time I find a note on my car here in Oregon. You see, living in a temperate rain forest, you can’t just put a note on someone’s car without taking precautions to assure it’s legible when found. Therefore, many people use the tried and true Ziploc bag as a message protector. Finding one of these packages on my windshield after work last Monday, my thoughts ran toward whether or not I had paid my parking rent for the month. I couldn’t imagine why else there would be a note on my car. I pulled the package from under the wiper blade, got in the truck and proceeded to read about a utility van that backed into the tree growing next to my parking spot. Evidently the van smacked a fairly large branch that fell nicely across my hood and into the windscreen of a truck parked next to mine. My chuckling stopped abruptly.

From my vantage point in the driver’s seat it didn’t look too bad. I could see part of the dent but the majority was closer to the front of the hood. I got out and found this…
Truck Damage 2.JPG

How did I miss that!?

Fortunately, a construction crew nearby saw this unfold and one of the worker’s had the presence of mind to chase the van as it began to pull away securing the license number of the van and the name and phone number of the company. He relayed this information to Lorrie, the owner of my parking space, who kindly left me the Ziplock secured missive. Yes, there is still hope for humanity.

Tuesday, I called the company where the owner seemed casually uninterested, as if this happens frequently. He gave me “the direct number to Christie in claims” without pause, which pretty much confirmed my suspicions. I was beginning to worry a bit but knowing I have the option of filing with my insurance company alleviated some of that concern. Wednesday was spent getting estimates (and a nice lunch with the neighbors) and Thursday I spent the day playing catch-up at work. I didn’t get much time in the yard and suddenly the week was over and I felt like I missed something. Oh…I did…I missed blogging. Then again, I wasn’t in the best of moods so all six of you were spared my whining…until now.

Today, I’m feeling a lot better. The weather has turned sunny and warm and I got a call from the insurance company saying my estimate looks good and they’ll cut me a check. With that bit of news, the boss in North Carolina all week and the weather holding through the weekend, I’m looking forward to casual evenings in the garden, sitting on the deck watching the birds bring their fledglings to the feeders and romping with the dog. Yeah…I’m making up for last week!


11 responses to “Bad News Baggie

  1. lazybythelake

    sorry to hear about the truck. love the itinerary for the upcoming casual evenings.

  2. yikes! such drama! I am sorry for you woe
    I hope it works out OK.

  3. With a blog title like that, my first thought was that someone had been busted. But what happened still sucks. In terms of the company involved, when will people learn the PR value of sounding just a wee bit sympathetic when this sort of thing happens? After all that, at least your evening plans for the week sound idyllic.

  4. Well whine away Rodger…Tony is here. LOL. Just a little ol’ dent aye. I was laughing as I read your post…thought how in the world did ‘he’ miss seeing that dent while pulling the note of the windshield? Was our mind just a tad bit occupied? lol

    By the way, I am still patiently awaiting that special email!!!

  5. Doug – I was going to title it ‘A bag full of trouble’ but it had the same connotation and this was shorter.

  6. Wow, when I have a bad week (or month) I sure don’t take it out on my car. But than again, I might if I drove a Toyota. 😉

    Sorry that happened to you! At least someone chased down the info!

  7. Tonka – this from a man that drives a Subaru and a Kawasaki?

    Say what you want…this Toyota is 13+ years old and never had a maintenance concern other than the usual oil change. The previous Toyota,with similar maintenance record, had over 200,000 miles on it when I traded it in on this one for more than $3,000.

    I loves me a Toyota!

    I’d love our Suby as much if it were better insulated and got better mileage.m Just sayin’

  8. Sorry you had such lousy luck, but it was pleasant to learn that people still have the urge to do the right thing from time to time. I missed your blogging, and I’m all that matters(I recently decided to try on the mannerisms of the republican party as an exercise in empathy), right? RIGHT?

  9. I actually drove my Kawasaki last night under that beautiful full moon! What an evening.

    And by the way…my Subie seems pretty well insulated and gets decent mileage for an AWD! And I don’t dislike Toyota as much as I do Honda! LOL

  10. Oh yeah, and the bf wants to know when we’re getting together with you boys for a beer or two???

  11. Hi, there!..7cbd88ce0dba715c3474b7b3689df0a2

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