Stone Cold Bitch

Yeah…that’s what it appears I’ve been lately.  I’ve been hitting the ‘reply’ button on my e-mails but not paying attention to the fact that I’ve been ‘replying’ to myself.

Yeah….color me blonde!

Now to try and remove that ‘L’ from my forehead!



5 responses to “Stone Cold Bitch

  1. Oh…did you say that L stood for Lucky. I can’t stop laughing. Well I guess you have come up with one way of inflating one’s ego through an abundance of email traffic. LOL

  2. And I think you make a SEXY blonde!

  3. We all have our L moments…

  4. all i can say is HAHAHAHAHA!!!! 🙂 glad to hear it.*

    *because me too, honey, me too.

  5. it sounds like something that could cause blindness or hairy palms, so don’t do that any more.

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