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How much for the hand?

Mike Jones – The Victim’s Victim

The Mike Jones reading was a sad affair.

He began by telling us that he wrote the book because he was a victim and that all the gays in the audience were victims too. Yes, we’re all victims of the hatred spewed forth by the Ted Haggard’s of this world. Then he proceeded to read a brief bit about his initial meeting with Ted before explaining that Ted is also a victim just not as big a victim as Mike Jones. Cheez-its! In the first 15 minutes I heard the word victim so many times I felt I was being brainwashed. VICTIM = Mike Jones. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Next he read a bit about his mother and her death and he began to weep. This cheap ploy for sympathy didn’t sit well with my group of friends as the eyes started rolling, claws came out and catty remarks were being whispered among us. But we were alone.

I don’t know where this crowd came from but I believe they may have been trucked in by Mr. Jones’ publicist. Not one of them seemed to have a mind of their own and the whole thing turned into a love fest. Like Mike Jones was gay Jesus.

At one point Mike mentioned that he wanted to make sure his story broke before the elections because he felt that it would help defeat the anti-gay measures on the Colorado ballot. Yet he failed to mention that he voted for George Bush in the last election. I had intended to ask more about this but by the time the opportunity arose, I no longer cared. I’d had more than enough of his whining. I’d also had enough of the crowd that would no doubt have hung me out to dry if I’d raised the question.

I went to this reading to thank Mike Jones for his bravery in exposing hypocrisy in the pulpit. I went to commend him on his timing, as I believe his outing of Ted Haggard played a role in the outcome of the elections. But none of that mattered to Mike; he was there to talk about Mike Jones, the victim, whose life is now so very pitiful. He was there to talk about how the gay community abandoned him in his time of need. He was there to whine and cry and wonder why he doesn’t get the same media coverage as Paris Hilton. He was there to have his ego stroked. Oh…and he was there to tell us how he’d love to have a boyfriend.

That’s when I left.

Afterward, while discussing this with my friends, we concluded Mike Jones is his own victim. He chose this line of work and he chose to accept this client. That the client turned out to be a self-loathing preacher of hate does not make Mike Jones a victim. That he outed the client and therefore had to deal with the subsequent series of events made him a victim…of his own actions.

What he did was noble, how he represents it is not.


I have nothing to talk about.

My family would laugh at the thought of me not having anything to say, or spouting some comment or opinion, but it’s true. Speaking of family, I could blog 3 times a day 7 days a week about the family but I want this to be a happy place so I slog on about nothing and everything, which makes me happy, but you my three readers, are not so fortunate as to feel the joy.

Tonight I’m off to Powell’s City of Books, the best bookstore in the country, to hear Mike Jones read from his book “I Had to Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall”. I’ve read mixed reviews of the book and I’m not sure I’m interested in reading it myself but I do want to shake his hand. I truly believe he helped sway the election with his timely announcement and I’m curious how he’ll handle questions about his having voted for the shrub.

I’m going to be sure to sit near the rear of the crowd so I can escape if I get bored and go shop for more summer reading. It seems that everything I’ve been reading or have recently purchased is gay themed and I need a little variety. I’m presently reading an old anthology of coming out stories by gay writers, “From Boys to Men” and I finally got around to picking up Edmund White’s “Chaos” and a copy of Armistead Maupin’s “Michael Tolliver Lives”. The latter I may wait to read because I’d kind of like to re-read the “Tales…” books first. I just finished “Fish” by T.J. Parsell but that came off a bit sensationalistic which is too bad because it’s a tool in his fight against prison rape. Of course all the while I’m fighting my way through all 1085 pages of Thomas Pynchon’s crazy prose in “Against the Day”. This is not gay themed (so far at least) and I expect to finish it sometime in 2008 or 10. You gotta’ love that man!

Obviously my initial statement was correct so I’ll sign off but it you have any ideas for reading material…send ‘em my way. I’m hoping the post-reading discussion with my friends over pints will inspire some blog worthy inspiration so don’t give up on me yet. Mkay?

Phun Photo Phriday



Well…Mark already posted about Pride and since a good number of you read both blogs I’ve decided to just add what Mark didn’t show you…his breakfast.


What, you can’t see that well enough? Here…let me give you a close up…


Yep, that’s a Maple/Bacon Bar from VooDoo Doughnut! It tastes like your standard maple bar only salty…very salty…which may just make it the perfect Pride Doughnut!

Yeah…I went there.

It’s Good, isn’t it? Grand, isn’t it? Great, isn’t it, Swell…

I kid you not…I woke up with ‘Nowadays’ playing in my head just hours before attending PDX Pride, how gay is that? The day lived up to the lyrics but I’m too freakin’ tired to write it up so I leave you with this…..

Red Dress.JPG

….and will post more tomorrow.

Happy Pride Ya’ll!

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