In the Box

Yea! I opened the mailbox Saturday to find a check from the insurance company to have my truck repaired. I was surprised at the efficiency of this company and how little effort it took to get them to pay.

I made the call today to get the truck in the shop and will be met at the body shop by the rental car company first thing tomorrow morning. This meant cleaning all the personal belongings out of my truck tonight which, being the anal retentive type, only took minutes. The funny part was going through the contents of my jockey box that proved the aforementioned anal retentiveness is limited to the visible.

Here’s what I found…

1) Brochure from local nursery picked up at last year’s semi-annual Hearty Plant Society Sale.
2) Maps of Portland, Washington, and Oregon.
3) Reading glasses
4) Dental floss
5) 3 books of matches left over from my smoking days
6) A brand new toothbrush in it’s box
7) Cinnamon Altoids
8) Carmex ( I give up trying to get rid of this smiley)
9) Tire gauge
10) Screwdriver with interchangeable bits
11) Owners manual and service history

Pretty normal. Then I found…

12) Certificate of liability insurance from November 2003
13) Renewal letter for insurance from May 2004
14) Certificate of liability insurance from May 2004
15) Renewal letter for insurance from November 2004
16) Certificate of liability insurance from November 2004
17) Renewal letter for insurance from May 2005
18) Certificate of liability insurance May 2005
19) Renewal letter for insurance November 2005
20) Certificate of liability insurance from November 2005
21) Renewal letter for insurance from May 2006
22) Certificate of liability insurance May 2006

I did not have the current renewal letter or certificate and why do I have the renewal letters in the first place? They’re of absolutely no help should I get pulled over.

We only register our cars in Oregon every two years and I have the registration from…

23) 2001
24) 2003
25) 2005 (the most recent)

These were joined by my warranty for tires from Les Schwab from…

26) December 1999
27) March 2001
28) July 2002
29) July 2006

And a battery warranty from…

30) September 2006

But I’m not done yet. I also found 2 cassette tapes that have been buried in the bottom of the box and to the best of my knowledge, not played since 2001 when we drove to Utah on family business.

31) Patsy Cline’s greatest hits
32) Grateful Dead, Greek Theater, July 13, 1984 (Dark Star encore!)

I’m sure we had more than those two tapes because we had to travel through a lot of Jesus country and I’m careful not to have to rely on the radio in those circumstances. Patsy and the Dead just had to be easily accessible I guess.

And finally…

33) A headset from a cell phone I had 5 years ago

Then in the ashtray I found…

34) 7 unused but not no longer usable toothpicks
35) 2 paperclips
36) 9 packages of salt
37) A rubber tipped gum massager (which I use twice daily)
38) $6.60 in change for parking meters

I had only a few other items in the rest of the truck…a floodlight, tie-downs for the bed, my umbrella, a wool blanket, air freshener and the jack of course.

Maybe there was more to this event than I imagined. Maybe the universe was telling me it’s time to clean out my jockey box.

Then again…probably not.

10 responses to “In the Box

  1. Boy…and I was making my bedroom to be out to be a disaster. You are definitely having an OSCAR moment. I’d be happy to send Felix your way! LOL.

  2. Dental floss, a new toothbrusd, breath mints and a gum massager. I’m thinking oral fixation here. I’m also thinking that the whole posting reminds me of the song The Cab of my Truck by Dierks Bentley. Great country song and DIerks is a total hottie.

  3. I am impressed! How about uploading that Dark Star encore for your friends in blogland? I may have to start initiating some trades with you…

    No Condoms in your jockey box? Never leave the house with out a raincoat Rodger. Being married is no excuse. 🙂

  4. Tater can read that whole list of contents and STILL think about a condom? Maybe we learned more about Tater today? Heh heh.

  5. I like the subie, because it has all kind of stash compartments. I have even hidden chocolate in the car for a quick fix when I need it. Of course that was during the winter……….snowboarding takes a lot out of a guy!

  6. Holy Patsy!

    (I love her!)

  7. Tony – You’re bedroom is a disaster. Maybe you should move into my truck. Just avoid the jockey box.

    Doug – Very observant…I hadn’t realized that myself. I think I need to talk to Spo.

    Tater – I sent you a link to the recording. Let me know what you think.

    Tonka – Excuses, excuses. Are any of those compartments larege enough for beer?

    E – Don’t we all? Who is this Bruel guy you’ve been posting about?

  8. Well, last July 4th weekend we purchased 7 cases of Beer at Rogue Brewery’s Tent sale! And still had room for more.

  9. i am really impressed with all of the oral hygiene accoutrements. a clean mouth is a happy mouth, and what better to do in traffic than floss one’s teeth?

  10. Okay…maybe I’m obsessed with dental hygiene. I use the rubber gum massager while I’m driving, to and from work, to keep the gums healthy. The floss is for emergencies and the toothbrush is there in case I get stuck somewhere without one.
    I keep a wool blanket handy too in case I break down in the winter and I always carry a bottle of water. It’s a matter of being prepared. One never knows…

    Besides…I’ve mentioned before….I’m borderline OCD. Maybe it’s less borderline than I like to let on. 😉

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