Phun Photo Phriday



9 responses to “Phun Photo Phriday

  1. thats probably one of the most worrying photo’s I’ve ever seen.

    please don’t let it be seen by any young guys worrying about what the future holds for them as a gay man!

  2. If I had the courage to wear those lime green pants, I could conquer anything. They are indeed fresh.

  3. Paul – He’s got pride…that’s what counts! Of course it looks a little uncomfortable being that tightly packed.

    Tater – I wish you had the courage too! If the wizard gives it to you send me a pic. I’m willing to bet this spot was chosen for the signage. You gotta’ love our peeps!

  4. courageous, but my first emotional reaction was ‘that is not in your colour scheme”

  5. O MY!!!! LOL. He swishes even when he’s standing still!

  6. Admit it- it’s really you and Mark. You both shaved.

  7. Spo – You have something against lime green?

    Diamond – You made me spit my coffee all over the keyboard. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment over at BGB too.

    Doug – Busted.

  8. I need more Rodger. New post please!

  9. um . . . shouldn’t he be proud of that nicely rounded, rather prominent package? i’d probably dress it in lime green if i had one of those.

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