I have nothing to talk about.

My family would laugh at the thought of me not having anything to say, or spouting some comment or opinion, but it’s true. Speaking of family, I could blog 3 times a day 7 days a week about the family but I want this to be a happy place so I slog on about nothing and everything, which makes me happy, but you my three readers, are not so fortunate as to feel the joy.

Tonight I’m off to Powell’s City of Books, the best bookstore in the country, to hear Mike Jones read from his book “I Had to Say Something: The Art of Ted Haggard’s Fall”. I’ve read mixed reviews of the book and I’m not sure I’m interested in reading it myself but I do want to shake his hand. I truly believe he helped sway the election with his timely announcement and I’m curious how he’ll handle questions about his having voted for the shrub.

I’m going to be sure to sit near the rear of the crowd so I can escape if I get bored and go shop for more summer reading. It seems that everything I’ve been reading or have recently purchased is gay themed and I need a little variety. I’m presently reading an old anthology of coming out stories by gay writers, “From Boys to Men” and I finally got around to picking up Edmund White’s “Chaos” and a copy of Armistead Maupin’s “Michael Tolliver Lives”. The latter I may wait to read because I’d kind of like to re-read the “Tales…” books first. I just finished “Fish” by T.J. Parsell but that came off a bit sensationalistic which is too bad because it’s a tool in his fight against prison rape. Of course all the while I’m fighting my way through all 1085 pages of Thomas Pynchon’s crazy prose in “Against the Day”. This is not gay themed (so far at least) and I expect to finish it sometime in 2008 or 10. You gotta’ love that man!

Obviously my initial statement was correct so I’ll sign off but it you have any ideas for reading material…send ‘em my way. I’m hoping the post-reading discussion with my friends over pints will inspire some blog worthy inspiration so don’t give up on me yet. Mkay?

9 responses to “Nothing

  1. Was that so hard? You feel better now don’t you? I love reading your blog, and am amazed that someone with nothing to say, can say it so well in five paragraphs. I want to hear all about the reading. I feel exactly as you do about MJ, his actions and his book. I applaud him, but don’t think I want to read the book. I just got finished with American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and thought it was an excellent summer read. I think I will start Tales of the City next, being that I am the only gay man in America who hasn’t read it yet. Can’t wait for yout next “nothing” post!


  2. Yes, I feel better, thanks for the nudge. I’m even going to be able to post again tonight with the follow-up.

    You’ll enjoy ‘Tales…’ although they’re terribly dated now. Thanks for the tip on American Gods.

  3. I owe the American Gods tip to Evilganome who suggested it to me, and I started another book called SPOOK by Mary Roach “science takes on the afterlife” I thought it sounded very interesting.

  4. I’ve just finished ‘Michael Tolliver Lives’, and , although it’s not a great book in its own write (see what I did there? lol!), its wonderful to find out what’s happened to all our old friends.

    At least that’s how I think of them… is that sad?

    (shameles self promotion…. ther’s a very brief review of it on my blog!LOL)

  5. Paul – It’s not sad that you think of them as friends because they truly are friends to all of us who have spent time at 28 Barbary Lane. I look forward to spending more time with “Mouse”.

  6. But Rodg, don’t we all have those faint moments of non-inspiration.;)

  7. oh honey, you’re interesting and fun to read even when you’re allegedly uninspired. so I slog on about nothing and everything, which makes me happy, but you my three readers, are not so fortunate as to feel the joy. yes we do.

  8. I’m sorry you found my book “sensationalistic”. Unfortunately, every single word of it is true.

  9. No need to apologize…I said “came off a bit sensationalistic which is too bad because it’s a tool in his fight against prison rape”.

    I was not doubting a word you said nor dissing your cause. In fact, if you don’t take what I said out of context, I’m backing your cause. I simply believe your story came off ” a bit sensationalistic” …not that any such story wouldn’t.

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