A Fresh Look

The page was getting a bit dreary and with summer finally here I needed something brighter.  Now to get the sidebar cleaned up and a better picture up top.  And…Toni can now read the page without straining her eyes.

Have a great holiday ya’ll!

12 responses to “A Fresh Look

  1. I love the cheery new look. It’s a KEEPER!! Hope all has been well. Hmmm! I need to work in a Portland travel gig, seriously. Up for a visitor???

  2. Like this alot. If tony gets to visit, can I come too?

  3. lazybythelake

    i like the fresh look. i bought a styling shirt yesterday to try and freshen up my own look. i’ll share a picture of it as soon as R snaps one.

  4. It’s so bright! Nice new look. I hope you had a fun 4th.

  5. Thanks Rodg! I can throw away the magnifying specs now and turn down the contrast on the monitor. 😉
    You and Mark should drop over to us for a cocktail on our deck, we’re loving it right now too.

  6. nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day.
    but i miss your portrait-sunglasses and smile! consider putting it back.

  7. I’ll second Spo’s comment about the photo. It was a very handsome picture of you.

  8. Loving the new digs 🙂

  9. Ok….you asked once where I was so now I have to ask. Where’s my Rodg????

  10. WOW!!!! i’m all, like, bright and cheery!!!! yay!!!!! that black was fierce, but my ancient eyeballs have to struggle with it. this is glorious.

    so yeah, what tony said: where are you, pumpkin?

  11. I must ask as well. Where are you (echo echo echo)?
    Too much jam, honey?

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