Every week at work there is a farmer’s market under the trees near the central fountain.  On Tuesday afternoons I take the short walk from my office to this wonderland of fresh fruits, veggies, soups, cheeses, breads and music.  I’ve learned not to bring my lunch on Tuesdays and to eat breakfast a little later so I can head to the market in the afternoon.

I usually pick up some berries and a bowl of soup then sit in the grass and listen to the music while I enjoy a little summer sun. Today, it’s raining, so I’ve come back to my desk to eat my pineapple gazpacho and half-pint of raspberries. There’s nothing better than fresh light food to make it feel like summer even on a gray, wet day.

It looks like we’ll be making pickles and apricot jam this coming weekend.  I wonder what a pickle and apricot jam sandwich tastes like?  I could make one…but I’m really not that curious.  You think Elvis ever ate a pickle and apricot jam sandwich or did he stick to peanut butter and banana’s?

My mind is wandering because I don’t want to get back into the boring task I’m working on.  Fortunately, it’s a once a month task and I won’t have to think about it again for a while so I better go finish up. Better yet, I just looked at the calendar and next months meeting will probably be canceled so if I finish up today, I’m of the hook for two months.  Yipee!!

8 responses to “Lunch

  1. Mmmm! Pickle and apricot jam sandwiches! I will admit, I liked pickles on peanut butter sandwiches as a kid. The farmers market sounds great, and the avoided task sounds all too familiar. I hope your day turned out fine.

  2. I’m still keen on pickles and chocolate ice cream. Mmmmm.

  3. Can we trade lives for a week? Not the Job part, but the locale? Everytime I read a post like this I start turning green with envy. I need a little more green and natural environment, and a little less big city. *sigh*

  4. stop singing and finish your homework.

  5. What a different life up there with respect to doing more simple things like making jam and pickling. I guess as a ‘city-folk’ here I don’t always grasp that concept easily or readily. But it sure sounds like a piece of heaven at times.

    Hope you got that task accomplished today.

  6. Tony – pickles on peanut butter? I can’t imagine. Actually, making jam & pickling is easy and only takes a couple hours. The rewards last all year!

    e – did you miss something this month? 😉

    spo – do I hafta?

    tater – I’d love to trade…I could use some “real” big city time every once in a while. Portland is so small.

  7. We hope to try your pickle recipe very soon. Before he gfinished off your pickels, Leon kept dividing the last one into smaller and smaller pieces because he didn’t want them to be gone.

  8. i’m with tater. it sounds so lovely, even with the rain. delicious lunch, marvelous weather, a summer to enjoy without our hideous heat. lucky you.

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